What if 3D printing is combined with Blockchain?

Now this is the most interesting article ever published until now on KryptoMoney.com ,according to it’s author. Ofcorse, when the two revolutionary technologies that will surely change the world are combined together to multiply their benefits, things will get interesting.

So in this article we talk about an actual possible situation where 3D printing is being paired up with Blockchain technology  by the United States, Department of Defense.

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The US military is already considering additive manufacturing that is 3D printing technology to be adopted in actual war situations. The US Army is developing a technology that will allow soldiers in combat zones to use 3D printing technology to repair damaged parts in aircraft and ground vehicles.

And now the Department of Defense (DOD) believes that this disruptive technology can be combined with another revolutionary technology, Blockchain, to sort out intellectual property concerns.

Recently an event was hosted by Washington Technology on May 12. In the event John Bergin, the business technology officer in DOD’s Office talked about how 3D printing technology can be paired up with Blockchain technology.

Bergin mentioned, “What happens, when an F-18 on that carrier breaks a pin in its landing gear? They need a part, but they don’t have the part on the aircraft carrier,” he said. “How do I use additive manufacturing to get there, while still respecting Boeing’s intellectual property rights for that pin?

Bergin suggested, “Blockchain -The encrypted and distributed ledger system that makes the Bitcoin cryptocurrency possible could be the answer

If any part of the aircraft gets faulted due to a damage in a small component in that part, the broken component cannot be replace by substitute component due to intellectual property rights of the vendor. As a result, a new whole part has to be bought.

Bergin said. “IF DOD’s ecosystem of parts management can properly incorporate blockchain ledgers, the 3D printers on a carrier could securely log every pin that’s produced at sea.  You can print it, I can pay Boeing for it, and [the Navy] has planes that fly,” he said.  “How do I support the warfighter abroad, respecting the intellectual property of the vendors, and do it as a team?  Blockchain is part of that story.”

If this kind of system is adopted, it would speed up the process of supply chain by allowing the military force or the navy or the air force to  get only the pin it needs, rather than ordering a full landing gear assembly.  This would help both the military and its industry partners. Bergin said “Let’s stop buying the assembly, and let’s start making the parts where we need them.  It reduces your inventory that’s idle, and increases our operational capability at the front.”

“There are security and quality assurance challenges in addition to the intellectual property concerns”, Bergin said, but he urged vendors to  work with DOD on thses issues.

“This is the opportunity we see for blockchain,” he said.  “It’s not about cryptocurrency — it’s about protecting your IP and enabling the warfighter.  We are very excited about this approach, and we think it’s part of the acquisition front we’re trying to get to.”

Well we hope Blockchain gets paired up with 3D printing to open new gates of opportunites which can be explored by the combination of the two technologies.

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