Blockchain technology get’s adopted in producing a movie.

To produce a movie, a new way of getting funds have been introduced. Mitzi Peirone ,a director and a screenwriter has introduced a unique and modern way of getting funds to produce a movie by adopting Blockchain technology.

Mitizi Peirone is raising funds thorough  a “Crowd-sale” with the implementation of Ethereum and WeiFund.

The funds are raised to produce a movie named Braid. The story revolves around two self-proclaimed artists, Petula Thames and Tilda Darlings, who move to New York city to follow their dreams. Unfortunately, both of the characters gets involved in the world of drugs, dealing and prostitution.

A night comes when they lose $80,000 worth of narcotics and are given 48 hours to repay the hostile drug lord. They plan to rob their wealthy childhood friend, Daphne Peters, which leads them to participate in her twisted and violent make-believe game where the three women venture into a deadly maze of hallucinations, role play, torture and murder.

What’s Different?

Generally film-makers gets investment from well-off producers, directors or any other personnel who are willing to enter into Movies and Entertainment sector. Investors invest in the movies with the expectation of some returns on their investment.

The team producing Braid will be the first one to produce a movie by this new of financing. The team has partnered up with ConsenSys and WeiFund, a crowdfunding platform. Braid’s team hopes to raise money for the production of the film, with its token sale starting June 7, 2017.

In simple terms, Braid’s teams is inviting general public to become the producer of the movie, simply by buying the tokens in the ICO.

Braid’s crowdsale aims to provide an incentive to people by becoming an investor or simply by promoting the film. Braid’s team will return the favor by keeping their creative vision with its film.

In its ICO, Braid’s team wants to raise between $1.4 mln to $2.1 mln worth of Ether. In return, the team will share 30 percent of the future revenue.

Braid’s message is about turning your dreams into reality. WeiFund is the creative and right platform to make this happen. posts latest news and updates about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

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