Blockchain Overtakes Cryptocurrency In Google Search Frequency

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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While Blockchain is the underlying technology for Cryptocurrencies, the latter have always enjoyed more attention at least in terms of Google searches. However, the scenario seems to be changing as according to Google, term ‘Blockchain’ has been popping way more than ‘cryptocurrency’ since September this year.

Blockchain first achieved the precedence in July and fell back only to come back and overtake search frequency of cryptocurrency over the latter half of this year, as illustrated by Google Trends comparison graph between the two terms. Since Google supplies the data in a relative format, the exact number of times these terms are being searched is not known, though the graph does show that people are getting inquisitive or inclined towards blockchain.

Currently, only a few blockchain applications are open for direct access by the public. Over and above, most blockchain startups are private and pretty risky to boot, which limits the investor’s options. The emerging use cases of Blockchain have started to mark their presence at higher levels via earning the confidence of major companies. While some smaller players are also evolving nicely, the uphill battle for them is much tougher in comparison.



Mostly known for being cryptocurrency, the decentralized technology has much wider and effective range of development. Blockchain has the ability to make streamline, simplify and secure complex systems. As and when different industries are recognizing its strength, they are willingly adopting the technology.

Still, in its initial stage, only a few blockchain research programs have managed to emerge as a real-world use case scenarios. Though that scenario is rapidly evolving, the recent deal between Walmart and IBM cites the perfect example that the corporates have recognized and are inclined to harness the power of blockchain.

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As of today, blockchain technology has found multiple big and small use cases, so much so that most enthusiasts openly compare it with the Internet and the growth it brought in today’s day and age. Numerous pilot programs in varies the range of areas are being employed, which see the use of blockchain to bring security, transparency, systemization to various process in the respective industries.

From using blockchain to tackle tax avoidance by the Thailand government to facilitating meat export in New Zealand to help #MeToo victims express their stories, the technology has breached almost all sectors of the society and is making strong progress towards being recognized as a mainstream solution.

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