Party In Goa This March For Blockchain Startups

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Seaside Startup Summit is a unique startup focused event that is happening in Goa from March 6th to 11th this year. The Seaside Startup Summit bridges the gap between investors and startups over the span of 5 days by inviting startups to pitch in front of investors. The Sumit will also counduct Startup workshops and training sessions.

These interesting events will help investors and startups come together in a more casual setting to discuss and develop ideas.  Over 150 startups and 100 investors are expected to attend the Seaside Startup Summit.  It is truly a revolutionary way to bring together the talent and the investors that will enable the businesses of tomorrow.

The Seaside Startup Summit is being organised by Startup India Foundation and Startup Armenia Foundation.

Startup India Foundation and Startup Armenia Foundation has partnered up with the Indian Blockchain Council (IBC) as their official Blockchain ecosystem partner for Seaside Startup Summit.

As per the Partnership:
– IBC will curate a list of of 10 startups which are using blockchain as their underlying technology to solve BIG problems. All selected startups will then be invited to pitch at the summit FREE of cost incl. stay and food.
– IBC will conduct a special session/workshop on Blockchain Technology during the summit explaining how the technology can be used to solve major challenges facing governments, global businesses and trade.
– Facilitate communication between blockchain experts/mentors and entrepreneurs attending the summit.

About Startup India Foundation and Startup Armenia

Startup India Foundation and the Startup Armenia Foundation are non-profit organisations aiming to help young & early stage startups in their respective countries.

Startup India Foundation was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have build successful businesses themselves and who want other businesses to help learn from their mistakes. Since the members have raised multi million dollar investments and built global businesses, they understand what it takes practically for another first time entrepreneur to build and scale a startup. This is precisely why they are in a solid position to lend capital and direction to these younger startups.

The Startup Armenia Foundation was founded in March 2016 by a group of young people, who have previously authored and still succeeded in launching a number of initiatives. Their aim is also very similar to that of the Startup India Foundation as they want to help young start ups and help put them on the path to success.

About Indian Blockchain Council (IBC)

Headquartered in New Delhi, Indian Blockchain Council or IBC is a consortium formed to boost the blockchain ecosystem in India. Chaired by Mr. Vishal Nigam, IBC aims to help all those startups working on blockchain technology by providing formal education, guidance and mentoring. Read more about IBC.

Recently, the Indian Blockchain Council has partnered up with InQ Innovation to set up  InQIndian Blockchain Council Academy in Kerala which is expected to create PoCs, have training programs and set up state-of-art Blockchain labs.

As of now IBC is one of the biggest organisations in India working to augment the reach of Blockchain Technology. As mentioned above as well, IBC would be providing formal education about Blockchain and it claims to make any amateur, a Blockchain PRO!

Indian Blockchain Council Academy is launching “Blockchain BootCamp” where a 2-Day Core Blockchain Education would be provided. The Blockchain Bootcamp will take place in 10 major cities in India in the coming two months. Post that, Indian Blockchain Council Academy will conduct Blockchain Classes globally.

If you are working on a product and using Blockchain Technology, I strongly suggest you to apply for the list of “10 Blockchain startups”. IBC will select 10 startups from the list, which will be given a chance to pitch at Seaside Startup Summit in Goa.

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