Securrency which provides a unique blend of FinTech and RegTech platforms is taking big steps to become the supreme Blockchain portal in the world of financial services by providing round the clock transaction ground of cryptocurrency. So whether you are planning to use a part of that microcredit loan  for making an apparel purchase or convert Euros into shares of any commercial real estate firm or invest the digital currency tokens directly for buying shares of Microsoft, possibilities are limitless in this one-stop shop.

Securrency is banking on its knowledge in the fields of digital currencies and securities to create a brand new form of financial instrument which is part bond, part currency and part share of an exchange traded fund.

In a stark contrast from previously illiquid asset class, Securrency provides instant liquidity at a rate which is a mere fraction of traditional securitization vehicles. Assets owners are gifted with liquidity boost whereas investors are provided with high yield instruments for functional efficiency.

It’s combined platform also eases out tensions regarding compliance issues of both Investors and Portfolio Managers. The Seccurency platform also looks after the heavy lifting of AML, KYC and accreditation across all available global jurisdictions by decreasing regulatory, legal and compliance costs.

This can usher in bulk savings of the companies who will now get more time to focus on building businesses while the compliance burden gets reduced in the backend increasing their access to capital. Securrancy is also trying to make Initial Coin Offerings compliant to best in class and transparent work techniques available to the public in general.

The announcement made by Securities Exchange Commission last week containing guidelines for treating coin tokens sold at ICO’s as securities created ripples across the Blockchain community. In a scenario when other platforms are shying away from SEC regulations, Securency is trying to bring in much needed stability by going through a rulebook for becoming a glaring example which others can follow suit of.

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Enforcing jurisdictional law on the Regtech platform of Securrency shall harness the full potential of digital currencies along with delivering end-to-end compliance. Private placements and US companies making use of the Securrency platform shall have a readymade market go-to vehicle. publishes latest news and updates about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.

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