Blockchain Technology Based App To Report Sexual Harassment At Work

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Blockchain Technology | Sexual Harassment | Vault Platform

A certain feature of blockchain technology that makes uneditable, is coming across a very – very useful in today’s day and age. Where companies employ it to bring transparency, a new app employs the technology to aid employees to fight against official misconduct.

Launching in the U.S. in March, the Vault Platform will enable employees to document and report sexual harassment in the workplace by using their smartphone. The app utilizes blockchain technology in order to provide a safe space or a “vault” allowing workers to write reports of harassment and store any evidence, says Neta Meidav, CEO of Vault Platform. The Vault will be private block, however, any time workers can use the app to send that information directly to HR. Meidav elaborates:

“Think about this like a digital diary or journal that you may have. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment you can create a safe record of what happened to you and lock it in. That’s your private vault.”

The Vault 

Meidav adds that when a worker decided to report harassment, they can either send an individual report or can opt to send together. In the latter option, the platform will search for other complaints about the same individual. If such report exists, then they will be clubbed and sent to the HR, if not, the person’s report would be held until another employee reports that person.

“The technology will identify if there has been past or present complaints about this person as well. Your claim will go to HR with other people who have reported in the past.”

Currently engaged in a pilot program, Vault Platform joins an increasing number of tech tools that are aimed at facilitating employees to report about sexual harassment confidently.  Services like AllVoices, Bravely, Callisto and AI-enabled chatbot Spot, have all garnered media attention for their reporting capabilities. In fact, after the #metoo movement caught rage last year, a blockchain product was employes to store all the stories, so that no social or political influence could push the incidence away.

Anonymity to Accountability

Vault Platform does not allow employees to report harassment anonymously. Meidav says that if an employee wants to report an incident of harassment on the app, they must use their real identity.

“We are moving from anonymity to accountability.”

However, HR professionals see both advantages and drawbacks to anonymous reporting. Jacquelyn Thorp, an HR coach and CEO of sexual harassment training and HR consulting firm Train Me Today, told the Society of Human Resource Management Onlinein an article that sometimes investigating anonymous claims of sexual harassment could be difficult. Thorp told SHRM:

“You don’t always get the information you need to investigate, and there is no one to follow up with.”

However, anonymous reporting can  empower employees to report harassment if they feel they have “nowhere to turn.”

Not just a Reporting tool

Meidav further adds that  Vault Platform isn’t just a reporting tool. The app has data analytics that will allow the HR to have a better sense of the company’s broader culture and biggest pain points. HR executives will receive a breakdown report for the most common problems employees are facing which could include, for instance, bullying, discrimination or harassment.

The employer could further narrow down to a specific region or department in order to tailor their practices and employing said resources in areas that need it the most. She adds:

“Effectively what we’re getting at is this will become a new employer benchmark which will show you how you are performing in culture and diversity.” 

The need of the Hour 

Though Vault did not disclose the employers engaged in the pilot program, Meidav disclosed that the list includes companies in the tech and media industry, universities and charities. Currently, in talks with a big four accounting firm, she adds that the price of the platform varies by company size.
Meidav asserts that employers can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to workplace misconduct. In a digital age, it is in their best interest to stop any harassment that may be occurring in the office. The risk of employees going to social media or elsewhere to relay their experiences if they feel no support from their workplace is a big risk at the employer’s reputation and the future of their company.

“A company that wants to consider themselves diverse and equal can’t afford this anymore. This is actually one area of HR that technology has done very little to transform, which is why we’re building this tool.”

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