The popular blockchain based decentralized internet browser, Brave, seems to be on a steady growth as it has been ranked high atop Japan’s Google Play Ranking, as the number one browser app in the country. Apart from the fact that this could be great for the browser and blockchain technology in general especially as far as Japan is concerned, this is the first time Brave is ranking above other rivals like Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

At the moment, the Top Free Communication Apps in Japan list shows that Brave has dropped from number 10 to 11, but is still the number one browser, with the second highest –  Firefox – coming in at number 14. This ranking is measured by more than a few factors including how heavy the apps are and the amount of processing power it consumes, the number of times it crashes, as well as how much data it consumes as well.

There are several factors that add a bit of uniqueness to Brave. Firstly, the browser allows all of its users to earn in its native currency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and this can be done simply by viewing several advertisements. The browser also allows users to send BAT to their favourite content creators on some traditional social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Vimeo.

Last month, it was announced by Brave that it had begun building its own wallet for its BAT and also other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain such as ETH.

Image Credits: Stock Photo Secrets

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