Brave, An Ethereum Blockchain Based Web Browser Competing Against Google Chrome And Firefox

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

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While cryptocurrency growing in leaps and bounds in terms of adoption and recognition, the critics find arguments to pull down the digital assets. Anti-crypto group often claims that the technology lacks active user base for the underline technology of decentralized systems. To counter this argument Brave Browser, based on Ethereum blockchain introduces itself as another option for internet users, apart from Chrome and Firefox.

Popular Science, a popular science magazine, claimed recently that Brave offers a browser that is comparable if not super to Firefox and Opera. The post states:

“The Brave browser emphasizes security and privacy. To start with, it comes with a built-in ad-blocker (just remember to whitelist the sites you want to support) so pop-ups can’t weigh down your browsing and websites can’t track you as well. For even more control, Brave features advanced security settings.”

Based on Chromium, Brave is a similar base protocol to that of Google Chrome. An ERC20 token is used by Brave on their browser called Brave Attention Token (BAT). The token is offered as an incentive to online content creators, like YouTubers and other publications.

A CCN report from months ago suggested that the browser already has passed 3 million users, attributed by traffic from digital creators and publishers. The report said:

“More than 18,000 publishers and content creators (including CCN) have registered as verified publishers, enabling them to collect BAT donated by Brave users. Of these, the vast majority — 13,500 — are YouTube and Twitch streamers, likely owing to the fact that hosting platforms such as YouTube take significant cuts of shared ad revenue.”

Being considered as a viable alternative in such a short time is considerably feat, especially when Chrome and Safari have been the frontrunners for quite a long time. Brave has been demonstrating the use cases for decentralized consensus currencies by users being paid out, which works as an edge over the other browsers.

In the current scenario, where dApps are attracting more and more users and offer immense use of growth; Brave enable new users to become more accustomed to these structures.

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