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CoinDash, an Ethereum based ICO website hacked

Unidentified Hacker Causes Major Setback In CoinDash ICO A malicious perpetrator stole the thunder of the much advertised Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of a start-up project named CoinDash by transferring a whopping $7 million to an incognito source via 2100 transactions as per Etherscan reports. Shortly after the token sale managed to

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Latest ICO : EOS, Decentalize Everything

EOS Tokens, new ICO EOS, the first Blockchain operating system designed to support commercial decentralized applications, announced for its digital token distribution ICO to open on Monday, June 26.  EOS's token distribution follows a groundbreaking participation model that will take place over the course of one year creating the fairest token

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DCORP: Bringing derivatives to Cryptocurrency World, Decentralizing Venture Capitalism

Meet Dcorp: The latest ICO Buzz DCORP or Decentralized Corporation is one of the most trending ICO's these days in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) world. A unique concept of democratizing venture capital investment via introducing derivatives to cryptocurrencies. What is DCORP? DCORP is an autonomous, decentralized and democratic organization that is using Blockchain technology

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Protect your investors, says US SEC official to companies issuing tokens via ICO

“You still have fiduciary duties to your investors”, US SEC official to startups issuing tokens via ICO A new way of raising funds have been introduced in the market, thanks to Blockchain. Companies and startups working in Blockchain sector are raising funds by issuing tokens via Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Gone are

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Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency conference successfully concluded

Blockchain Technology  and CryptoCurrency (BTCC) conference organized by Black Arrow Conferences  was successfully  concluded with more than 200 delegates attending the conference from over Fifteen different countries. The conference was organized on 10 May 2017, in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference was Indonesia’s first major business conference

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