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Review of Bitcoin ETF by SEC

After Japan, Russia to recognize Bitcoin

Russia to recognize Bitcoin in 2018. While doing some extensive regular researches, recently learned that Russia is all set to recognize Bitcoins in  2018 with a condition of complete monitoring of bitcoin transactions. Uptill now in Russia,Bitcoin users and Bitcoin entities were threatened for takedown and imprisonment. But these bold statements

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biitcoin price $500,000 in 2030- snapchat investor

Bitcoin price to reach $300,000- Snapchat Investor

Bitcoin prices will be around $300,000  by 2030- Snapchat’s First investor. Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat said in an interview with Business Insider, that bitcoin prices will reach around $500,000 ( around INR 3,20,00,000 !!!!!) It was mentioned in a presentation sent to Business Insider by Jeremy Liew along with

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paybiz launches credit card payment option

Buy Bitcoins Online With Credit Cards Now

Paybis offers purchase of Bitcoins via Credit Card UK based Crypto Currency exchange Paybis has started to accept payments through credit cards while making a purchase of Bitcoin. The exchange accepts credit cards issued by major providers like Visa, MasterCard, etc. on its secure platform.A user will receive bitcoin in the

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Samsung launches blockchain based products

Samsung Launches Blokchain Based products

3 New Blockchain-powered products launched by Samsung Leader in the Mobile devices market , Samsung a computer tech giant has recently launched three new platforms which are based on blockchain technology. Nexledger, a Blockchain based platform launched by Samung, aims to provide an integrated solution to “corporations looking for a cost-efficient method of

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amazon launches amazon cash

Amazon launches Amazon CASH

Now buy From Amazon by paying in cash Recently, Amazon , the online retailer has launched it’s new service called Amazon CASH. The facility is available to all the users. This service has been introduced to tap that target audience who wishes to buy online but cannot transact digitally. Also, some people

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Bitcoin in Japan

Effects of Japan’s official adoption of Bitcoin

 Japan’s decision of adopting Bitcoin pleases Bitcoin market We all know that recently on April 1 2017, Japan officially declared and adopted  Bitcoin as official mode of payments. Not only legalizing it in  exchange of goods/services, it also introduced the tax policies related to bitcoin and exempted buying/selling of bitcoins from Consumption

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