Coinbase, a major San Francisco-based Cryptocurrency exchange is expanding its crypto-to-crypto conversions and trading services to 11 more countries. Announced through a blog post on Wednesday, the firm will now be accessible to customers in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand for crypto-to-crypto exchanging services.

Coinbase further added that the services will be offered both via as well as Coinbase Pro, its professional trading platform. With the new development, Coinbase now has a presence in a total of 53 countries across four continents, from earlier 32 countries in two continents, according to the announcement. 

The exchange went on to details that the direct trading between cryptocurrencies on its platform has overtaken traditional fiat-to-crypto trading across the globe last year. As per Coinbase’s “verified” trading volume figures, crypto-to-crypto trades formed 51 percent of the total in February 2019 as compared to 41 percent in August 2018:

Last December, Coinbase added crypto-to-crypto trading support for retail customers and opened them to access the service through as well as the Android and iOS apps. Before that such service was only to professional customers.

The exchange has been on a high ride since the start of the year, from introducing Visa Card For UK Users to Cross-Border Payments; from adding support for EOS, Augur and Maker to support for Stellar Lumens (XLM).  Further, the exchange also updated its market structure, so as to increase its liquidity. 

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Image Source: Coinbase Medium