Convergence of Blockchain-Startups and Investors About to Happen in New Delhi at WIRESUMMIT 2018

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Blockchain Events, Cryptocurrency News

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WIRESUMMIT 2018, a blockchain event for the Blockchain community is being organised by BTCWIRES in New Delhi on December 2, 2018. The exclusive gathering of investors and Blockchain startups is being held with an expectation to attract blockchain enthusiasts, experts, influencers, investors.

While 2018 will be the first edition of the Summit, but the organisers of the event have stated that they expect the event to become one of the largest and most extensive Blockchain-oriented events in the industry. The organiser of the event, BTCWIRES, is a reputed Blockchain news which has in the past covered various global blockchain conferences and summits.

The primary theme of the event is the promotion of Blockchain and DApp Projects for Investment Promotion, Facilitation and Execution.

 The format of the event

The Wire Summit Invest 2018 will witness the coming together of select Blockchain and DApp startups along with some of the most experienced investors and venture capitalists in the market.

As per their website, ‘Wire Summit’s Investor Edition looks forward to setting a benchmark in India when it comes to startup funding in India’. Sources at BTCWIRES elaborated that the primary goal of the Summit’s First Edition is to promote investment in path-breaking ideas of startups working in the Blockchain world.

Startups and investors will both be shortlisted before the Summit-based upon their Value proposition and Investment portfolio respectively. The idea of invite-only attendance was to maintain a high conversion ratio and successful closures. It will also save a lot of time for the parties involved in conducting due diligence, verification and validation of the Proof of Concept.

What to expect at the Wire Summit Invest 2018?

One can expect the attendance of more than 1000 investors and as much as 25,000 companies. The event will be underscored by Keynotes from global Blockchain experts. Also in attendance will be some of the most well-known media partners who will cover the happenings at the event.

Startups and blockchain companies will get the chance to pitch their ideas and products to experienced investors, venture capitalists, and fund managers.

At the event, one can expect to cross paths with founders of startups, MDs, CxOs of the biggest firms, Vice Presidents, MDs, and professionals from Blue-chip companies


Tickets booking

 The private nature of the event restricts the entry to only investors and chosen startups. The BTC Wires Team has made sure to include investors who have a definite knowledge in this particular domain and have shortlisted the same based upon their investment portfolio.

However, if you are keen to participate in this niche event, you can request an invite on the official website of Wire Summit Invest 2018.

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