CryptFill Coin – Decentralized Commercial Trading Ecosystem 

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CryptFill Coin has leveraged blockchain technology to offer the most cost-effective way to send, receive, and store various cryptocurrencies. The platform intends to introduce the commercial marketplace to the cryptocurrency domain. CFC offers enterprise as well as individuals with the ability to create invoices and acquire multi-currency wallets. The easy and efficient exchange ecosystem of CryptFillCoins aims to eliminate the following obstacles of commercial trading:

  • Limited usage of currencies with respect to geographical location
  • Inadequate profit earning opportunities
  • Excessive bank charges on the purchase of goods and services
  • Lack of availability of factors of currencies

CFC platform works on a streamlined and decentralized approach that enables it to offer users a vast trading domain that is spawned across the globe. The platform also offers improved and cost-effective profit earning opportunities to both individuals and companies by facilitating easy and efficient commercial trade. CFC has already begun its token sale which will continue till December 30th, 2018. The platform has offered 10,000,000 CFC, where 1 CFC is proportionate to USD 0.30.

Features of CryptFillCoin 

Some of the unique features of CryptFillCoin:

  • Ability to convert various currencies
  • Trade and exchange coins with other users
  • Store and distribute coins safely and securely
  • Option to privatize or publicize the account based on user’s preference
  • Send or receive invoices, and accept payment in numerous cryptocurrencies
  • Real-time transaction processing with a minimum transaction fee of USD 1

By offering such effective features, the platform provides business with an easy approach to exchange fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies. Additionally, blockchain technology ensures that the trading process is implemented with maximum efficiency and security.

Secure Currency Storage

CryptFillCoin intends to make the availability of cryptocurrencies easier to the mainstream commercial market. It acts as a bank to offer improved services to the crypto landscape including zero fee storage, fee transfers, interests on asset storage, and accessibility of funds. Moreover, the multi-server cold wallet system assures optimum security of users funds and offer fee-free services. To further strengthen the security, the CryptFill team changes the server on a daily basis in order to offer new and different locations to the users cold wallets.

CryptFill Investment 

CryptFill Investment ensures users gain maximum profits out of their investment, by offering:

  • Average monthly return of 33.3%
  • Optimized earning opportunities
  • Prompt payment policies
  • Guaranteed returns on investments

CryptFillCoin Insurance 

CryptFillCoin is a platform that adheres to highest of security standards to ensure that users fund are safe and secure. However, if users deal with any incident of threat or fraudulence, the platform takes complete responsibility and recover the lost fund. To claim the damage, users must ascertain that the event occurred within the system and under the terms of the transaction specified.

CryptFill – Extending Cryptocurrencies to Commercial Trading 

CryptFillCoin works towards monopolizing the usage of cryptocurrencies in the commercial trading landscape. The platform has leveraged blockchain technology and streamlined the commercial trading to a great extent. It is a reliable and secure ecosystem that enable users to send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies in an affordable and secure way and ensure guaranteed returns on investments.

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