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by | Mar 29, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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CryptoHopper – The Automatic Crypto Trading Bot For Ushering In Mammoth Gains

The best way to learn anything is by engaging hands down in the same. This rule also applies to the dynamic Bitcoin plethora which can swell up your kitty if luck and market scenario swings in your favour. However, given the inherent volatility of the crypto market causing the price of Bitcoins to sway in various directions numerous times throughout a day it might become quite cumbersome in proceeding with the trading decision at a time which shall benefit you the most.This is where CryptoHopper- the cryptocurrency trading bot hops in with its easy configuration and user friendly attributes for easing out the whole crypto trading process.

CryptoHopper is designed especially for enhancing the profitability of crypto traders, the intuitive interface of CryptoHopper can be utilised by non-experienced traders as well. Providing support to an array of cryptocurrencies, CryptoHopper works in smooth sync with Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as lesser known cryptos which are listed on Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken or HitBTC.

Presenting itself as an automated crypto trading bot guaranteeing the profit of investors, CryptoHopper makes use of intelligent trading algorithms since its core “objective is to make profits for you” while you concentrate on other “important” things in life. “Investing in cryptos has never been easier,” reads out the CryptoHopper website which is programmed to identify the best trading phases with near-perfect precision for yielding greatest profits.

Build to perfection by the developers from the land of “Tulip Mania”, CryptoHopper makes use of subscription model to increase its affordability and usage amongst people who are starting with crypto trading for the very first time on a limited budget. The bot is hosted on a server thus making it easier for non-techies to deal with the same. However, as a flipside the website gets slowed down with the increase in traffic. CryptoHopper crypto trading bot has been trying to bring upon necessary upgrades for warding off this slowness that has been plaguing the bot’s functionality.

Coming back to the security spectrum, CryptoHopper trading bot is specially programmed to proceed with the purchase specially when the price is low for selling the same with bulky profit margins. It does not require users to park their corpus on the account along with developers. The bot usually works through the application programming interface for executing trade. The buying and selling portion of the account will be taken care of by the API Access Key which can be obtained from the respective cryptocurrency exchanges. CryptoHopper trading bot has even collated eight trading tips in a video for helping first time users in proceeding with the same.

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Once the sign-up process is completed, users can scan through the professional dashboard for gaining a clear understanding of the performance reports, trading positions and price movements of various currencies. Users can make use of multiple trading strategies coupled with the CryptoHopper. External advisors such as Crypto Wolf Signals and Crypto Alert Project can also be used in sync with the CryptoHopper where the bot can be adjusted for making the final decision. Presently connections can only be established by the automated trader with Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC and Kraken with greater connectivity options being opened up with every passing day.

CryptoHopper trading bot charges a fee of $19 for opening up 80 positions under the name of Bunny Adventure Hopper whereas 500 positions termed as Kangaroo Master cost $99 on a monthly basis. The team behind CryptoHopper trading bot is always available for solving queries of users and can be contacted for exclusive offers once you are done availing the first month of free service where you can test the CryptoHopper bot and even engage in some real trading with it. Considered by many to be one of the best automated trader available for enhancing crypto investment value, CryptoHopper can gift you with abundant free time while taking care of your crypto trading woes in the backend.

No team information is hosted in the CryptoHopper website although Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit account of the same is existent. The comparatively young domain registered back in July 2017 radiates the aura of a professional trading bot with its top-end functionalities.

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