Cryptopia Relaunches Its Website, Resuming User Balances As Per Their Pre-Hacked State

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Cryptopia, a cryptocurrency exchange that was hacked in mid-January, has re-launched its website in a read-only format and had resumed the user balances to its pre-hacked state, as per a tweet by the firm on March 5.

Cryptopia earlier announced that their website will go live on March 4, however, the site finally went live after a days’ delay on Tuesday, March 5. The latest series of tweets by the exchange, further confirms that it will use customers’ balances as at Jan. 14 as a basis for further calculating rebates.

As of now, the site recommends the customers to reset their passwords and two-factor authentication credentials.

Cryptopia suffered a $16 million hack in mid-January and was immediately taken over by the concerned authorities of New Zealand. After a thorough investigation, the New Zealand police allowed the exchange to resume its operations on Feb 13. After which the platform announced that they will not be resuming trading until the exchange can fully identify their losses and ensure that the balance is completely secure.

The initial reports revealed the total extent of the loss. Further reports suggest that the hackers were syphoning crypto out of the exchange as late as two weeks later.

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