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by | Feb 12, 2019 | Press Release

The healthcare service costs are rising at an insubstantial rate. In fact,  according to the recent report published by OECD, without sufficient reforms, healthcare services are speculated to become unaffordable for over half of the global population. Some of the crucial reasons behind the pricing crisis include an expansion in the population, advancements in the medical sector, medical complexities, etc.

CURES Token has been designed to especially address the barriers associated with the affordability of healthcare services by decentralizing the present healthcare system and empowering patients, health app developers, medical service providers and equipment suppliers. Furthermore, the team is focusing on generating opportunities for investors to optimize their profits and further advance the development process of EHR platform, explained later,  through STO.

Security Token Offering by Cures Token

The ecosystem is planning to initiate its STO by the end of the year. Investors can participate in the offering and claim the company’s shares and profits. The token holders will be remunerated using net income from dividends and they can also obtain capital gains as the business grows.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records platform is one of the primary products of CURES Token. Medical records have often deemed to be ‘shroud in mystery’ mainly due to the sensitive document that they encompass. Every time a patient makes an appointment a healthcare establishment, the centres make an entry into their system that includes the treatments, tests, prescribed medications, etc.  everyone in the healthcare centre has the right to access the data, but often retrieving this records can be a arduous process and can incur fees.

It is important to offer patients easy access to their records and blockchain technology has made it easier to accomplish the same. CURES Token has leveraged the technology to position the control of records in the hands of the patients. Additionally, it has also facilitated them the right to share their data with healthcare centres and medical practitioners worldwide as per their choice. Furthermore, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) enables the ecosystem to store variables in permanent storage.

Solutions By CURES Token

Following are the primary solutions offered by CURES Token:-

  • Easy Accessibility to Medical Services

A centralized system deals with many inefficiencies like bureaucracy, inadequate medical insurance, lack of transparency, etc. CURES Token is a global project which aims to eliminate the long waiting times and risks of contracting diseases.

  • Easy Worldwide Payment

Traditional payments are processed through intermediaries that results in the delayed process and higher transaction costs. Additionally, there are always risks associated with fluctuations in the exchange rate. CURES Token mitigates the same risk of the uncertain exchange rate and transfer are processed real-time and at a fraction of the cost.      

  • Quality Medical Care

Quality health care in many countries, especially developing ones takes time, effort and money. Being a decentralized system, CURES Token allows the transcending of these setbacks thereby ensuring quality medical care is offered at the convenience of patients.

  • Complexities of the System

Data recording within a centralized healthcare system is quite complicated and deals with an ineffective communication channel that results in unnecessary delays. CURES Token integrates smart contract that ensures clarity and transparency in the transaction process.

  • Security Threats

Security issues are a growing concern in the global healthcare system. Every year the loss associated with healthcare fraud reaches Billions of dollar. By integrating blockchain and smart contract, CURES Token maintain records in a transparent manner. Once the data is recorded in a block it is irreversible.

CURES Token – A Decentralized Healthcare System

CURES Token is a blockchain-based platform that envisions to democratize the global healthcare system by offering a decentralized approach. Through its powerful features and solutions, the ecosystem intends to empower patients and allow them to access quality healthcare service at cost-effective rates from anywhere across the globe.     

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