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DCORP or Decentralized Corporation is one of the most trending ICO’s these days in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) world. A unique concept of democratizing venture capital investment via introducing derivatives to cryptocurrencies.

What is DCORP?

DCORP is an autonomous, decentralized and democratic organization that is using Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, to decentralize venture capitalism.

DCORP is combining Derivatives and Blockchain technology. Through DCORP, the investors can hedge their risk involved in trading cryptocurrencies.  DCORP has created a platform which allows derivative trading in the form of smart contracts based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. It will be done via DEP: The Derivative Exchange powered by Ethereum.

The DEP exchange is decentralized and operates autonomously. Thus, there is no need for intermediaries like market makers, bankers or third parties. This will attract more investors as they must be looking to hedge their risk, which in-turn will enhance the value of the Blockchain technology.

The ability to enter derivatives contracts anonymously will provide additional value to investors and they will also be able to trade existing derivatives contracts by sending Ether to them.


  1. Tnstantaneous transactions for a fraction of the current fee
  2. Non-stop trading,
  3. No DDoS-type attacks,
  4. Next Generation, decentralized platform for Options and Futures trading
  5. No need for third parties except for traditional assets,
  6. Clever model of ascending stakes to maximizing leverage in an anonymous world
  7. Allowing multi-token derivatives for spreading to lower risk
  8. Safe and Transparent through Public, Immutable and Zero-downtime ledger
  9. Anonymity and the possibility to execute trades without logging in

DRP: The DCORP Token

As mentioned, DCORP is democratizing and decentralizing Venture Capitalism. Which means DCORP will invest in project which have a bright future as a Venture Capitalist. Anyone can become VC by purchasing DRP tokens via Ethereum and participate in the investment process of DCORP.

Anyone who joins DCORP will automatically become a shareholder in the organization. The shareholders collectively will be the owners of DCORP and will decide where to invest the funds. Anyone who holds one or more than one DCORP token will be considered as a shareholder.

From these shareholders, Seven members will be elected who will become the Board of Directors. These BoD’s will manage the funds. The election for BoD’s will be publically available on the Blockchain platform

The funding process will involve the usage of Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology, which will enable young and talented entrepreneurs to gain access for funding.

Those who have less technical knowledge, still have the access to funding opportunity by using social media platforms of DCORP.

In a nutshell, anyone can become a VC by purchasing DCORP tokens. The token holder will become the shareholder in the organizations.The funding by the organization will be approved when it has majority of votes. Votes will be given by shareholders. Voting will be done on decentralized online Blockchain platform

DCORP ICO is still live. It started on June 1,2017 and will end on 29 June, 2017. DCORP offered early investors more advantage by offering more tokens in the same amount.

The investors can still obtain benefit if they invest before 23 June 2017.

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Anyone can become a Movie/Films Producer by investing in this ICO

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