Introducing Delta Exchange, India’s First Margin Trading Exchange Offering 100x Leverage On Bitcoin Trading

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency News, Press Release

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Delta Exchange : A Reliable Crypto Exchange For Bitcoin And Altcoin Margin Trading

2018 was not a good year for cryptocurrencies. Almost all cryptocurrencies took a huge beating & the industry bellwether. Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency fell more than 75% from its peak. Amid the pessimism, one thing that has kept crypto traders active is “Margin Trading” or “Leverage Trading”. Margin trading allows traders to go short or long and also offers leverage. Margin Trading allows traders to earn even in bear market when Bitcoin price is falling. Although, there are some existing exchanges offering margin trading, but Delta Exchange is the latest addition to the list with most advanced features.

Despite the strong demand, there are not many platforms that offer margin trading with high leverage. Bitmex leads the charts but lately it has faced strong criticism due to the frequent “technical-issues”, which are well-timed with periods of high market volatility. This has made many in the industry suspicious about misconduct and price manipulation on BitMEX. Usually traders a BitMEX often get’s to see the message “System Overload”. Delta Exchange at the time when there is a huge opportunity to make handsome profits. Here comes the to solve the needs.

Amid all this, there is a new entrant, Delta Exchange, which is quickly gaining traction and making a name for itself amongst crypto traders. In this article, we do a comprehensive review of Delta Exchange and dive deep into various features that Delta Exchange has to offer which makes it better that it’s competitors.

What is Delta Exchange?

Delta Exchange is a peer to peer margin trading or leverage trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Delta offer 100X leverage on Bitcoin and have futures listed on ETH, XRP and XLM. 

The margin trading platform is easy to use and there is ample liquidity on the pairs listed on the exchange. You can deposit funds to your wallet address and get trading in minutes. They also have APIs available for algo-traders.

The company calls itself a #TradersFirst exchange and is attacking the customer-support and tech-support problems in the industry. They provide technical support for traders who want to automate their trading; something that has been missing with most crypto exchanges.

The company has introduced an interesting feature called “Convert to USDT”. It allows traders to hold their account balances in stablecoin instead of Bitcoin which makes it one of the most important feature make it different than BitMEX. This is helpful in times when Bitcoin price is drifting lower and traders want to sit out of the market. Having balance in BTC can erode the value of the funds which are not being used for trading.  

Like many other crypto futures exchanges Delta Exchange also allows deposits and withdrawals only in Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin, traders can take leveraged exposure in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumen (XLM). 

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Notable Features Of Delta Exchange

  • Option to hold funds in stablecoin
  • Trading with APIs
  • Tech Support
  • Good Liquidity
  • Focus on security
  • Mock Trading Platform, Delta Testnet, which allows traders to test their strategies in a dummy trading environment
  • Automated trading strategies (upcoming as per website)
  • Dollar quoted alt-coin pairs ETH-USD, XRP-USD, XLM-USD (upcoming as per blog)

FAQ’s About Delta Exchange

How much leverage does Delta Exchange offer?

-Delta Exchange offers 100x leverage on Bitcoin Futures and 20x leverage for all other contracts.

How are the spreads on order-books?

-The spreads on Delta Exchange are quite tight. The BTC-USD future had a difference of only 0.5$ between bids and offers. The order-book has also got enough depth. 

Is Delta Exchange Secure?

-As per the website, Delta Exchange uses enterprise-grade security including multi-factor authentication for accessing digital assets. On user’s side they have implemented multiple layers of user authentication via Google 2FA and email before a withdrawal can be processed. 

The company has also hinted at working on implementing custody-less trading in order to eliminate any risk to user’s funds. The team behind the exchange comes with a background in handling large scale tech-security. This gives us enough confidence that Delta Exchange is secure.

How to get started on Delta Exchange?

Sign-up process on Delta Exchange is very simple and takes only 30 seconds. You just need your email address to sign-up. Below is a screen-shot of the sign-up screen. There is also an option to add 2-factor-authentication, should you wish to add extra security to your account. 

So hurry up and register on Delta Exchange to get 15% discount on trading for first 6 months.

Team Behind Delta Exchange

The team at Delta Exchange is a seasoned bunch. They comprise of successful entrepreneurs and folks who have spent many years at wall street banks. The company is also backed by many crypto veterans.

Founding Team:

  • Pankaj Balani – Has extensive experience in derivatives and quant trading. Pankaj worked in derivatives in Hong Kong covering Asian markets and has spent over 6 years in financial services. He was part of UBS in Hong Kong. 
  • Jitender Tokas, used to work in institutional research at Citibank. He has also worked with marquee fund GIC Singapore. 
  • Saurabh Goyal, who is CTO @ Delta Exchange, founded well known start-ups such as and Tinyowl. Both these companies raised money from tier-1 VC firms such as Softbank, Sequoia and Matrix Partners. 

Mentors And Advisors

Following are the board of notable advisors and mentors to Delta Exchange:-

Stani Kulechov, who is the CEO of ETHLend is an advisor to the team. ETHLend, a prominent crypto project, is also one of the backers of the project.


Delta Exchange is a fast, secure and transparent platform for crypto leveraged trading with innovative features that address customer’s pain points. 

They have a strong focus on technology and algo-trading which has made them the exchange of choice for many crypto traders.

The crypto community is increasingly adopting Delta Exchange and has positive feedback about them. We expect to hear a lot of positive news about Delta Exchange in times to come.

The margin trading is already live on Delta Exchange. So hurry up and register on Delta Exchange to get 15% discount on trading for first 6 months.

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Rohit Kukreja is a Commerce graduate with Financial Markets expertise involving Stocks, Forex, Futures & Options Market and now Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency Markets. Blockchain Enthusiast but not a techie, Rohit is an active member of various Blockchain & Crypto communities all over India.

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