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DICE | Dice cryptocurrency | DICE ICO

This Cryptocurrency Exists As Objects In The Real World And Can Be Mined Offline

There are different types of currencies in the financial market. What is currency? Currency is something you use as a medium of exchange for goods, services, assets, and so on. Let us see the different forms of currencies that exist in the market.

1.    Fiat Currency – Legal tender authorized by the Government. You can have this currency in the form of coins and notes. You can also have it in the form of traditional investment in bank deposits, Government securities, and so on.

2.    Cryptocurrency – Digital currency that has gained in popularity in recent times. You can also call it as virtual money since you cannot see or feel it with your hands.

3.    Capital Investment – It is also a type of currency because you can sell these assets and convert it into either of the two currencies described above. It can be gold, silver, land, building, and so on.

4.    Tether – It serves as a link between the Fiat currency and the cryptocurrency,

5.    ICOs – These are the Initial Coin offerings in cryptocurrency. You can use the ICOs to invest in capital assets.

6.    Finally, you have currency or a medium of exchange that has the qualities of all the currencies described above, DICE.

DICE is a cryptocurrency that has the property of both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. It creates a new funding route for businesses. Hence, it has the qualities of capital investment and traditional investment as well. It serves as a link between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can also say that DICE has the properties of tether.

What is DICE?

DICE is an abbreviated form of Digital Certificates. It works on the cluster model rather than the standard Blockchain model that other cryptocurrencies work. Look at some of the essential features of the DICE Digital Economy.

1.    No single ledger – DICE works on the cluster model where you have the concept of the operator to validate each transaction. The beauty is that the operators work independently of each other in spite of dealing within a unique, efficient global ecosystem.

2.    Impossible to Steal – Hackers can only steal data. They cannot steal something that exists as real objects in the world. DICE are digital certificates that you can save on a USB pen drive and print it on a piece of paper as well.

3.    Serves a common purpose – The Bitcoin model is accessible to an absolute minority, not more than 0.5% of the population in the world. Hence, you have a system where approximately 1% of the world is getting richer while the remaining people are getting poorer.

4.    Free transactions – DICE believes in not charging anyone for giving money to someone else. Hence, if you make a deal worth $50, DICE ensures that the beneficiary gets $50 and not a cent less.

5.    You can do offline mining of DICE –The ability for offline mining of DICE opens up exciting and advanced fintech products you will encounter very shortly

6.    No wallet required – DICE does not need any wallet to store the currency. It also does not depend on an exchange. Anyone can mine DICE and trade in it through the prescribed method. As you do not have any wallet address, no one can gain access to steal your data. Hence, Blockchain hacking and clampdowns do not affect DICE

DICE is the future of money. The day is not very far when every person in this world will start dealing in DICE.

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