Difference Between CBOE & CME Bitcoin Futures Explained

by | Dec 17, 2017 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency News

Explaining The Difference Between CBOE & CME Bitoin Futures Contract

Bitcoin Futures, the latest buzz in the cryptocurrency markets, is getting attention from every part of the worlds. More and more people are understanding what are bitcoin futures, in order to understand how it can affect the spot prices of Bitcoin.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), world’s largest derivative exchanges was the first to announce the listing of BItcoin Futures on it’s platform. The launch is scheduled on 18 December, 6PM CST.

Following CME, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) also announced the launch of bitcoin futures and infact, it was faster than CME when it comes to listing. CBOE listed Bitcoin Futures on 10 December on it’s platform.

CBOE, received a huge traffic on it’s website as soon as it listed Bitcoin Futures. The trading got so heat up that it reached the circuit and it has to be halted twice within four hours of listing. CBOE’s website also crashed due to huge traffic.

Apart from CME and CBOE, NASDAQ will be the next listing Bitcoin Futures in first half of year 2018.

Different platforms have their own terms and conditions for trading of Bitcoin Futures. As CME is going to list the bitcoin futures tomorrow, lets understand the basic difference between CBOE &. CME Bitcoin Futures Contract

Difference between CBOE & CME Bitcoin Futures Contract Explained

Following are the main point of difference between CBOE & CME Bitcoin futures contract:

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