Donocle – Blockchain Based Lottery Platform For Users to Earn Guaranteed Profits

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Donocle – Blockchain Based Lottery System

Donocle is a global lottery project that has leveraged blockchain technology to maximize the transparency, security, flexibility, and reliability of the lottery system. The platform has adopted Open Data Flow (ODF) that enables users to monitor and validate the flow of money in real-time. Any user from around the globe who with cryptocurrencies can buy a lottery ticket and participate in the network to earn money.

Additionally, Donocle is derived from the word ‘Donate’ and ‘Circle.’ Living up to its connotation, the platform allows the winners to contribute a certain percentage of their earnings to the Donocle Foundation and retain the remaining amount into their wallet.

Donocle Lottery Process

Donocle features an interactive and easy interface, which allows users, irrespective of their geographical location to participate in online lottery activities seamlessly. To initiate the lottery process, users can purchase lottery tickets with any of the 50 tokens available on the network. After that, each player is provided with a unique six-digit number, generated by the BTC counter. To ensure transparency, the total number of coins issued, sales number and price is made public to the users and as the sale progresses, these numbers are constantly updated for the players.

To acquire lottery tickets, users must create a wallet after which, they are offered a dashboard where their respective numbers are displayed. Moreover, the prices of these tickets are identified depending on the existing value of BTC on the cryptocurrency exchange. 

Proof-of-Stake System

Donocle leverages Proof-of-Stake (POS) system to securely allocate profits generated by the platform. It is one of the core systems of Donocle services which ensures an efficient and safe distribution, usage and functioning of the coin. It allows users to validate a block transaction based on the coins that they hold. This means, that with the increase in coin possession users have more opportunities to earn profits.

Additionally, Donocle has introduced Airdrop to ensure users with steady and profitable returns. When users deposit their tokens on the platform’s Proof-of-Stake system, they receive Airdrop incentives in return. Airdrop funds are gathered from the coins/tokens invested by the users on the platform, to purchase lottery tickets. Subsequent to each raffle session, the platform accumulates funds in form of cryptocurrencies. 10% of this overall fund is used for Airdrop which is distributed amongst the users based on the POS proportion.

Donocle – Authenticity Guaranteed

The platforms primary objective is to offer individuals with a transparent and safe ecosystem to participate in lottery activities. To accomplish the same, the platform ensures that each process is open for the public to verify. Following are a few attributes of Donocle:

Lottery Wins Records

  • When the winning number is confirmed using the raffle method, the number is automatically listed in the total sales records.


Automatic and Manual Marking

  • In case of bulk purchase of lottery tickets, the platform does random marking. This allows users to purchase up to thousand tickets by selecting automatic marking. On the other hand, when buying individual tickets, buyers can mark their preferred numbers.

Multi-coin Wallet

  • Coins and tokens must be first transferred to the Donocle wallet before purchasing a lottery ticket. The transfer must be done with respect to the position of each coin on the network.

Confirmation of Winner

  • The platform confirms the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) of the winner. This measure offers a legal guarantee of the prize money and helps avoid irregularities or scams.

Prize Money Deferral

  • In case there is no winner to claim the first prize, the money is transferred to the next raffle session. Additionally, there is no limit to the deferral number before a winner is determined.

 Prize Money of the Payout

  • The prize money is there for grabs until three months following the winning date. Moreover, it is mandatory for the winner to provide the network with a “KYC” within 3 months of winning. It can be avoided if KYC has already been carried out in the initial stages.

Legal Guarantee and Confirmation

  • Doncole has connected cryptocurrency exchanges, legal advisors, accounting advisors, government sports lottery authorities, and lotto team to authenticate the quality of its services. With legal experts on board, the platform promptly addresses and takes care of all legal challenges.

Decentralized Lottery Platform for the Users

Donocle is a unique platform built within the blockchain technology that offers an effective solution to the critical challenges of the conventional lottery system. This global project allows users to seamlessly participate in various raffle activities and avail substantial profits in return.

The Donocle ICO starts from October 8th ~ January 31st.

The PreSale event includes the following benefits :

08 Oct – 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%

22 Oct – 04 Nov | Bonus = 50%

04 Nov – 18 Nov | Bonus = 20%

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