Dutch Man Sells Off Possessions To Become A Part Of Bitcoin Empowerment

Such is the mesmerising craze of Bitcoin, that a Dutch man has sold off both tangible and intangible possessions for moving base to a campsite with the hope of making a fortune powered by the boom in Bitcoin price. Didi Taihuttu, the 39 year old brave heart from Netherlands, who is father of three children has invested his entire corpus in Bitcoin and similar forms of cryptocurrencies. The man sold his house, bikes, cars and other valuable possessions to buy the cryptocurrencies. Taihuttu was recently quoted as telling the Newsweek:

“ At first my wife doubted the decision, wondering if it was the right decision for our kids—as did my brother and sister. But they are now supportive of the plan. We are luckily an adventurous family and we follow our feelings. We just hope that this feeling of being part of the monetary revolution is the right feeling.”

A single Bitcoin unit was valued at $3,700 when he sold his house off. Presently Bitcoin holds a value of $5,100 which signifies a hike of more than a third. Taihuttu was introduced to this cryptocurrency way back in 2010 by a friend and began mining frantically thereafter. Following his father’s demise in 2016, he sold off his company and started travelling along with his wife and three children. Nine months hence, he returned back to Netherlands and struck to the decision of selling off all his possessions and redirecting the allocable funds into crypto sector.

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Taihuttu aims to be in this field till 2020 wherein they will further sell off remaining possessions such as laptop, television, clothes, drum and other household stuff. Taihuttu along with his family has adopted a minimalistic lifestyle which will help them in sustaining themselves until Bitcoin reaches golden digits. Overflowing Chinese interest despite unsupportive authorities contributed significantly to Bitcoin’s price hike.

Taihuttu was quoted as saying, “Our expectation is that the price of one Bitcoin will rise to between 12,000 and 20,000 [euros] over the next three years. If this is true, then we can live for a long time like this without the pressure of needing to work.”

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