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Blockchain is experiencing a rising graph worldwide as well as in Indian markets. Blockchain, the hottest tech-term in recent times is witnessing mass adoption from various business entities across different sectors. Various Indian firms are adopting Blockchain technology to improve their operations. And why not, Blockchain offers decentralization , reducing manual efforts , increasing data security and lots of other advantages. Being a new innovation , at present Blockchain is not easy to tap. It is very complex in developing and only few developers exists as of now. One such developer that we at would like to mention in this article is KrypC.

About KrypC

KrypC, founded by Mr. Ravi Jagannathan is a blockchain developing  firm based in Bangalore, India. With it’s global offices located in UK and US as well KrypC as of now has worked on more than 20 blockchain projects.

Before entering into Blockchain development, founder of KrypC was also involved into e-Mudhra, Taxsmile, and YPayCash. The journey began and continued from digital signatures and mobile wallets to Blockchain domain. A team of 33 members consisting of technical and research personnel working continuously in the field of Blockchain, with an aim of filling the gaps that are present in the Blockchain Technology, and bringing innovative solutions in the same.

As mentioned earlier in the article as well, blockchain is not an easy tool to develop. It takes a lot of expertise and understanding while developing any product based on blockchain technology. But KrypC, on the other hand has developed  a product of it’s own through which blockchain based products can be built very easily.

On an official telephonic interview, with Mr. Varun Nagarajan,Head of Business Development, Krypc Technologies, he told about an innovative product called KrypCore , which can help enterprises to build a blockchain based platform for them in just a few clicks.

Using KrypCore makes it easy for any enterprise to build its own Blockchain solution with minimal coding knowledge.The company claims, it is so easy that someone even with no technical knowledge can develop fully functional blockchain application

At present KrypC Technologies is working on blockchain projects in the field of Insurance, Supply Chain and Digital Records keeping

When asked Mr Varun about the scope of Blockchain in India, he replied “In last few months in India, we are experiencing some meaningful conversations regarding Blockchain. Untill last year, people were asking what is Blockchain and how will it going to help. But now things have changed and people have understood the power of Blockchain and are now discussing  how to translate this innovative technology into a real meaningful application.The industry has started to expand and 2-3 blockchain adoptions have already been witnessed in India.”

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The scope of Blockchain is growing and various enterprises from different sectors are researching and developing about blockchain.

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