Ethereum Classic wallet has been Hacked – do not use it to send currency

The Ethereum Classic  wallet was compromised by a computer attack and was hacked.

 At 11 pm on Thursday, June 29, the famous portfolio was hijacked by a hacker who used social engineering to deceive the website hosting service and gain access to it. The hacker has indeed called the customer service of 1and1, a famous host of websites, posing as the administrator of the site

 The hacker managed to convince 1and1 that he was the owner of the site and recovered access. He then changed the settings to redirect everything to his own hostile server.

 This means that all transactions made on the site could be diverted by the hacker during the period of time he had control of the server and steal the Ethereum Classic coins.

 Ethereum Classic developers discovered piracy 4 hours later. The team immediately warned users, via Twitter, to stop using the service. The provider of preventive technologies against DDoS attacks, Cloudflare was then able to insert a warning at the opening of the site to warn users that the site had been compromised.

 As long as users have not used the site during this period, their ETC portfolios and private keys are safe. All addresses and keys that were created before Thursday 29 June are also safe, it is just unsafe to use the website at present.

The Ethereum Classic team has also confirmed that the back-up site located on GitHub is working and is safe to use. Users are advised to make transactions using another service called My Ether Wallet, and wonnect it to the ETC node. posts latest news and updates about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology and upcoming ICO’s.

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