Ethereum DEVCON 3

The DEVCON is the name given to the biggest annual developer’s conference on Ethereum. Last year, more than 700 people attended the conference from all over the world to Shanghai. It is an opportunity for researchers and project leaders to present their progress, but also for the entire developer community to meet and exchange knowledge on all subjects.

The Ethereum Foundation has  announced the date and place of its annual conference for this year’s Devcon3: it will be organized in Cancun,Mexico  from 1 to 4 November 2017.

Ethereum Foundation will showcase presentations on research and development that it supports, along with Ethereum Community presentations from around the world.

As a developers conference, Devcon3 programming is designed to help inform, educate, update and address interests of the Ethereum R&D community, including those who are in learning about the technology to become developers or wish to know more about Ethereum development and projects supported by the Foundation as well Ethereum innovation and development being undertaken in the greater ecosystem. To attend the Ethereum Developer conference, the interested attendee must register prior to the event.

Click here to register for the event.

Ethereum DEVCON 2

The Ethereum Foundations Developer’s Coference last year was organized in Shanghai.

DEVCON2 was organized in September 2016 and it was completely about :

  • Security,
  • Businesses,
  • Identity,
  • IPFS,

And also :

  • A return on the long-term vision of the Foundation of a fully decentralized Web3.
  • Presentations of advanced development tools with Embark, Remix, Truffle, etc.
  • Developments on the protocol announced, including improvements for the Solidity language.

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