Ethereum Foundation Backs A Blockchain Course In The University of Tokyo

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

Ethereum Foundation | University of Tokyo | Blockchain Courses

A generous donation of  $800,000, from a consortium that includes the Ethereum Foundation and Japanese banking juggernaut Sumitomo Mitsui, will support the University of Tokyo to offer a blockchain course at its graduate engineering school. Other corporate donors included Good Luck Three, JSS Corp., Zipper Corp., Hotlink Co., and Money Forward Inc.

According to a statement by Sumitomo Mitsui, the “Block?hain Innovation Donation Course” rolled out on November 1 and will run through October 2021. The course is aimed at educating business-minded, motivated student with  “outstanding talent in information mathematics”, about the blockchain technology and fintech.

The key focus is to nurture future blockchain entrepreneurs by introducing them to the integrities, working and implementation of the decentralized networks. Blockchain Technology has had gained much traction in terms of a field of study.

Rise in the Blockchain Course

Similar to the aforementioned case, corporations are happily aiding and supporting such courses, for instance, the Tezos Foundation collaborated with the Kingsland University to develop a blockchain course, specifically based on the languages used by Tezos. Just recently, Aeternity, the 33rd highest crypto introduced Free Blockchain Education Course. 

In June 2018, Ripple, the blockchain-based payment network, donated $50 million to 17 universities around the world to launch a University Blockchain Research Initiative. Experts believe that this particular technology could evolve a new secure and transparent era for healthcare, banking, supply-chain management, and the entertainment industry, among others.

Universities around the world have also extended courses that concern bitcoin and blockchain. In May South Korea launched a $90 Million “Blockchain Technology Development Strategy” Course. 

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