Ethereum is currently the second most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Ethereum is also gaining huge popularity worldwide because of it’s smart contract application. It is expected to grow more and surpass Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency.

Due to it’s increasing popularity and better technology than Bitcoin, Ethereum is also gaining mass adoption in B2B sector. Unlike Bitcoin which is being used as a currency for exchange of goods and services by a normal user, Ethereum or “Ether” tokens are used to get developed an Ethereum based Smart contract Blockchain Application.

Recently in the month of May this year, like Bitcoin, Ethereum prices also witnessed a huge surge. The prices, making all time high almost every other day, it surpassed the level of $200 globally. The digital token started from around $90 in late April and ended up around $215 in May.

Currently, Ether is priced around $245 globally and INR 17,800 on Indian Exchange. It was originally started at $8.24.

Difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Though this is one of the frequently asked question these days, the answer to this will be explained in a detailed post later explaining all the differences.(connect with us on Facebook to get notified).

As of now in short, Ether is more technological superior than Bitcoin. It removes the limitations that existed in Bitcoin network, and also adds the technology of smart contract application.  The system automatically executes the terms and conditions of a contract on which the parties entering into the contract agreed upon. Also, Ethereum’s data processing is much faster than Bitcoin.

Opportunities with Ethereum

As Ether’s prices is less than Bitcoin’s price in a huge way, many experts and investors believe that it is actually an opportunity for long term investors who missed Bitcoin rally. Being fundamentally strong, Ethereum has got a huge potential in long run. If we compare Ethereum’s present price levels to the price at which it started back in 2014, the second most valuable cryptocurrency has given more than 2000% return in just three years. The affordable price levels are attracting small investors as well high networth individuals. Specualators are betting that Ethereum’s prices will be around $700 by the end of 2017.

Well , this is a huge target set by speculators, but in cryptocurrency world, anything is possible!!!!

The coming years are expected as very good for the growth of cryptocurrencies . The long term investors will definitely get benefit out of it. posts latest news and updates about Cryptocurrencies. Subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.


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