As Ethereum is gaining more and more traction in the market, developers are effectively working towards making the entire Ecosystem more advanced and secured. The entire community is currently looking forward to the upcoming Metropolis hard fork some real positive changes like improved scalability with parallel transaction processing, and delaying the difficulty bomb with reduced block rewards from 5ETH to 3ETH.

The first leg of the Ethereum Metropolis, known as Byzantium, is expected to arrive on the Ropsten Testnet by next week and will be a testimony of a considerable development in the Ethereum  network. As the name shows, Ropsten is a free clone testing network of the Ethereum network and comes with a bit of diminished security in comparison to the actual network. The Ropsten Testnet can simulate Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) along with Ethereum network wherein developers can test new codes and verify whether they are working correctly.

The Metropolis hard fork will be responsible for two major upgrade optimisations. The first of these is the fast-synced nodes will have nearly half data-storage requirements from 26.3GB to 14.9GB. The other improvement includes the reduction in filtering time from minutes to seconds in storing contract events and later getting indexed by the EVM.

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The current plan is to bring this first part of the hard fork on the Ropsten testate by next week. However, it is still not clear as to for how long the Metropolis fork will be made available on Ropsten, and this might include anywhere between few weeks to several months. However, looking to all these ongoing developments, it looks like developers have been really pushing up the plans and have managed to make a significant progress in this regard.

The code is expected to hit the testnet soon as the network reaches block 1,700,000.

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