Founder of IOTA (MIOTA) Claims The Adoption Rate Will Reach All Time High

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

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David Sonstebo, Founder of IOTA Foundation, stresses that the next generation developers should learn IOTA programming as companies around the globe are looking for them. Putting it in numbers, Sonstebo noted that over 600 corporations are inclining towards adopting IOTA to reach their goals.

The Founder stated highlighted:

Right now you could get a very good deal for just knowing IOTA and basic programming. A lot of these pending projects simply lack people who know basics of programming and IOTA

Sonstebo, elaborated that the lack of third-party system integrators to implement the utilization of IOTA  and the platform is amongst the biggest hurdles currently. He drew connections that  the team behind IOTA is building between the corporation with a parallel of Tinder. Claiming that the international adoption will hit on a record scale, he said:

We are building a partnership structure for the corporations at the moment, think of it as ‘Tinder for companies that want to collaborate on using IOTA’, the scarce saffron is 3rd party devs that know IOTA. Once that final piece of the puzzle falls into place (LEARN PROGRAMMING!) IOTA will see adoption on a scale never witnessed in our history before. This is how projects scale internationally

IOTA NEWS, the publication for the platform announced via a recent Tweet that the support for IOTA is on the famous hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S is on the rise. The Tweet also stated a  time frame of the next few weeks as to when software development will be completed.

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