Founder Of UBER To Launch His Own Crypto Exchange

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

Uber | Voyager | Cryptocurrency Exchange

It’s just the start of 2019, and crypto enthusiasts have already received a surprise from Steve Ehrlich’s end. The founder of Uber and the former CEO of E-Trade launches a voyage into the cryptocurrency realm by introducing his own cryptocurrency exchange, Voyager.

The Voyager aims at inviting both institutional investors and the average joes on its platform. In order to appease and intrigue a broader scale of audience, the exchange platform offers support for over a dozen of the leading cryptocurrencies. To lure users, Voyager also offers to reward the early birds, those who register now with $25 in Bitcoin credit and a further $25 for each referral.

No Fee

Voyager has stepped into the crypto space with a vision to establish a stronghold over the ecosystem. To start off and to distinguish itself from the current market leader, the platform has a very lucrative feature – No Trading Fees.

The current market is saturated with fierce competitors and their respective lucrative offers such as Robinhood offers a free stock when you join. Binance organizes trade contests and referral offers and Coinbase offers $10 in free Bitcoin on your first $100 purchase among others. In order to combat its competitors, Voyager is giving one of the best sign-up offers for those who sign up before their January launch. $25 in free Bitcoin (BTC) for registering with your name and email address. In addition the platform will also waiver of their trading fees.


While a tall order, Ehrlich’s credentials could enable the platform to achieve what it intends to. With the success of online trading platforms like E-Trade and disruptive technology like Uber under his belt, Ehrlich has been on the watchlist on many investors. His entry into the crypto space could intrigue traditional investors to explore the zone as well.

2018 hasn’t been kind to cryptocurrency in terms of its price point, however, the year has been a good one in terms of its ever-increasing popularity and rate of adoption. With the traditional markets also observing a slump, this new store of value has managed to create a good deal of buzz, despite the crackdown it has faced this year. In fact, the downfall of the year could be considered as the stress test for cryptocurrencies, that will eventually win the trust of traditional investors for the market.

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