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by | Oct 30, 2018 | Press Release

Friend Platform : The Ultimate Solutions For IT Department Today

With the promise of giving users a personal cloud computing network that can be accessed at any point of time, from any where, Friend is revolutionizing how modern IT departments function. By cutting costs and boosting efficiency, Friend platform is all set to become the go-to platform for IT solutions that seek to reduce time and money expended per project while still churning out innovations based in seamless integration of web applications, cloud resources and legacy software.

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Friend Partners

Golem, the Airbnb of computers and one of the most successful projects on Ethereum Blockchain is one the partners of Friend Partner. Have a look at other partners:-

How does Friend help IT departments in heightening efficiency at lower costs?

Following are some solutions provided by Friend platform which helps in increasing efficiency, while lowering costs:-

Cloud Solution

Friend allows users to log in via any common web browser and this leads them to access the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. The Remote Desktop tool and the Friend Workspace available over DaaS enables users to have distributed access to online apps and services.


Given that collaborative projects are the hallmark of most corporates, the IT departments must have a ready tool that allows the most seamless way to bring everyone together for brainstorming and formulating plans. The Friend platform comes armed with everything one could need in this regard. It includes a chat feature as well as a video conferencing application that are created in a way to allow maximum possible flexibility in communication. A major aspect of this platform is its encrypted peer-to-peer operation that has WebRTC lying at its core.  It is capable of sending emails and SMS invites, conduct private and multiparty chatrooms, multiway video or voice calling. Most importantly, this feature is available across several platforms including Windows, Android, Mac and Linux)

Cloud Storage

Friend’s cloud storage can be linked to the most common disk drivers including Dropbox, Samba for Windows, Google Drive for Android and so on. It offers connection with almost every cloud computing service provider.

Easy access

The platform can be accessed from any device, at any place, using a single log-in id. Thereafter, it can be used to create fresh authentication modules, actively link directories and take advantage of the client-side encryption for username and password.


A strong technology for integrating applications is available on this platform and allows for the easy deployment and distribution of user authenticated web applications, web portals, Dapps etc.

DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)

The Friend Workspace allows multiple functionalities for users, including easy application launchers, pull down menus, effective windows management as well as file management and much more.


This platform consists of several pre-set templates for new users to modify and shape when they come on board. Existing functionalities allow users to modify workgroup distribution, appearance and theme, access management to admins and casual users and other functions all aimed at improving efficiency and saving time and effort for the users.

Integration Technologies

Friend offers a host of ways to integrate solutions and applications together. Some examples of this are the abstraction for both Linux and Windows operating systems, using DOS drivers to allow disk-based integration, client-side integration through JavaScript and versatility to connect to any device, legacy app, web app or cloud resource.

Developer tools

As a solution created for developers, within and beyond corporate IT departments, Friend offers several tools to developers such as windows desktop remote access, SSH client etc.

With a multitude of features and functionalities, the Friend platform is expected to help IT departments across companies cut costs while keeping efficiency, transparency, reliability and connectivity at the highest of levels.

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