Gain Rs20,000 in 2 Months.

What if I tell you that you could have gained Rs20,000 in just 2 months!!! Oh yes, its not a joke! Neither a scam. You could gain Rs20,000 in 2 moths if you had invested in Bitcoin in December 2016. Or Rs30,000 if invested in November 2016.

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Bitcoin surpassed it’s highest level and made an all time high at $1220 on 24th February 2017. Many exchanges were offering it at a huge premium, thus opening opportunities for arbitrators.

Due to regulation issues in China, various traders have shifted from regulated exchanges to other peer-to-peer platforms. Earlier in January 2017 Central Bank of China had  issued a warning regarding trading of Bitcoins in China, which caused a wide-spread fear among the Chinese traders. These traders started selling off their position and Bitcoin started to fell.

But now it looks that Bitcoin has recovered and made an all time high at $1220.

Indian markets are also bullish about Bitcoin and it was trading around 87000 INR(buy) on 24th February 2017.

In December 2016, Bitcoin was being priced around 64000INR and in February 2017 it gained almost Rs20000 and is priced around Rs.84000 . Rs20000 gain in just 2 months!!!!

This trend is expected to continue and Bitcoin price may still increase due to being a hot investment asset at this point of time among the masses and extensive media coverage. will be soon uploading the ways to buy bitcoin. Just subscribe to our newsletters and we will notify you about our latest updates.

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