Only Ten more days more to go for the biggest Blockchain event in India i.e, India Blockchain Week, IBW’17. Come 22nd September and Mumbai will open its floodgate to the India Blockchain Week 2017 for all the Blockchain aficionados spanning through five days. A three-day hackathon named as ‘Hack-the-Block’ will be organised prior to the Blockchain colloquium. The hackathon scheduled to be hosted by Rise Mumbai and Barclay’s accelerator will target the problem areas and evaluate contest entries. The hackathon is scheduled for 22-24 September.

Post the hackathon, a Blockchain Conference will be conducted on 25 and 26 September. The Conference will take place in The Leela Hotel, Mumbai.

The full  two days conference drive will bring together some of India’s brightest mind who are devoted to usher in the Blockchain revolution in the Indian territory.

Previously we have already discussed in details regarding the agenda and key speakers who shall honour the event.(click here to read the details)

In case you wish to be a part of this thinktank and enlighten yourself from this bubbling knowledge circuit then you need to get yourself registered by visiting the organiser’s website. So don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Be there and experience the change for yourself.



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