goTenna and Samourai Wallet Create An App to Transfer Bitcoin Without the Internet

by | May 15, 2018 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Samourai Wallet together with goTenna, a Brooklyn company specializing in autonomous communications, is developing txTenna, an Android application that combines mesh networks with bitcoin-transactions. The application will allow users to use their phones, supplemented by goTenna antennas, to transfer transactions, without the internet.

goTenna manufactures consumer equipment intended for implementation of cellular mesh topology. This interaction is consistent with the decentralized nature of the crypto currency, because it allows users to connect directly to each other, which eliminates the need for the intermediation of Internet providers or cell towers.

Rich Myers, the engineer of decentralized goTenna applications asks

“What will happen when these huge centralized networks fail as a result of natural disasters, as it was during the hurricane Sandy in 2012? Or because of some kind of external cyberattack? What will happen when suppliers decide to inflate prices just because they can do it? “

“Cellular networks are the only fully-fledged alternative to traditional centralized communications networks. They are completely decentralized and democratized. The power of communication remains in the hands of the people themselves. In addition, they are more resistant to unforeseen disasters. All that these networks need for work is a cellular communication device, combined with a smartphone. “

To perform the transactions, the signal must be within at least 1.6 kilometers from the other goTenna device, in order to retransmit the data through a mesh network, a network topology in which each node of the network is connected to all the nodes. Myers added

It offers an alternative more resistant to censorship (…) it will hide who you are and where you are when you carry out these transactions, so it implies a great advantage in relation to privacy.

About Samourai

Samourai Wallet is developing anonymity and uncensored solutions from 2015. The wallet allows you to maintain a direct connection with trusted nodes, remotely manage the balance via SMS commands and has additional tools to withstand the analysis of transactions. CEO of Samourai said,

“We believe that the main value of bitcoin lies in its uncensoredness. The freedom to transfer transactions without anyone’s encouragement is not the freedom to which you can be treated lightly and which you can refuse without a fight. We saw how the open Internet turned into a walled garden, limited by regulators and corporate interests working together. “ publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology ,Cryptocurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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