Hackers Demand Two Bitcoins For Decrypting Local Government Computers

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Such is the surging value of Bitcoin that even hackers are charging the same as ransom. Mecklenburg officials have to take a difficult call on Wednesday 1 p.m. ET on whether they shall pay the two bitcoins demanded by hackers who have infiltrated into the computer files of the country.Mecklenburg County is a county located on the border in the southwestern part of the state of North Carolina, in the United States

The ransomware software which once created quite a stir by freezing computer systems until a decryption code was entered by someone to unlock it have been used by the cyber criminals for hacking into the system. The decryption code can be obtained once the hackers are paid a hefty ransom. A country official encompassing the Charlotte city said that the ransomware software got triggered when an unsuspecting employee clicked on an email attachment and the same have been wrecking havoc ever since in daily operations.

Charlotte Observer laid down that, “She said an example of the problem is the county’s code enforcement office, where much of the work is done electronically. Employees no longer have access to their records. But she said they are switching to paper records for work on Wednesday.”

The country is facing a great dilemma of whether or not to pay the ransom. However there does not seem any way out of obtaining the decryption key other than paying the ransom demanded. Even if the bitcoins are remitted, there lies no guarantee regarding the fact that whether or not the decryption key will be provided by the hackers. Mecklenburg country was not targeted in particular by the anonymous hackers. The country officials feel that the attack was a part of a bigger money-making scheme devised by the malicious cyber criminals involving ransomware. The rapid attack of ransomware was felt on an array of Microsoft devices earlier this year disrupting everything from governments to hospitals. Asia and Europe were the worst hit by the ransomware virus. However certain sightings of U.S. casualties were also reported in the form on a Los Angeles based hospital and a transit system in Sacramento.


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