Highlights of Alluma Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meet-up Delhi, 30th June 2018

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The Alluma Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meet-up that was held on 30th June 2018, in the capital city Delhi on the 30th June was a great success owing to the quality of speakers, discussions, audience and the hosts, all combined.

KryptoMoney was the first to present scenarios on the cryptocurrency regulations, bans, stances taken by the government in several countries specially India. People are now looking forward to the cryptocurrency regulations in India which are about come anytime this week, as proposed by Subhash Chandra Garg, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Finance.

Kryptomoney also discussed how regulations in the neighboring countries can affect the regulations in India along with the tax liabilities, pre requisites to set up crypto exchange and the countries welcoming ICO’s and cryptos with open arms.

Following which, Akash Aggarwal, the second speaker for the meet-up, Founder & CEO, Alluma highlighted how the exchange has been setting its network across different countries, abiding by the regulations of each country where they have been setting up their offices at. Agarwal told about the problems he faced in the past when he started investing in cryptocurrencies. The urge to fight those problems, has brought him to be the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange that promises several features and a solution to the several issues related with cryptocurrency exchanges. He said,

“It’s been just 18 months since I first encountered my own problems when trying to trade on a crypto exchange in my home country of India. I faced a terrible customer experience with paper based account sign-up processes, no liquidity, few token offerings, non-responsive customer service, basic trading tools and clunky user interfaces. As trading in India has grown exponentially, exchanges have made strides and improvements, but there are still key frustrations with current platforms.”

He told about Alluma’s focus on 3 key features,

  • Strong liquidity through global exchange partners
  • Design and user experience to increase adoption and usability
  • Providing a fluid customers’ experience from on-boarding to support

The third speaker, Aman Sanduja, founder at Towards Blockchain, gave a talk on blockchain 3.0 where he revealed how real world projects on Blockchain can be built using Smart Contracts on EVM. Sanduja presented a slide show in order to break down the heavier technical terms into something more comprehensible for the audience. Sanduja told how privacy has been now becoming a need rather than just a choice. He said,

“Let me quote a simple example for you. Many of you might be getting calls by loan agencies, or real estate companies wanting you to invest your hard earned money into their new plans and strategies. Where do they get your number from? If you go to any abc retail shop, even McDonald’s or Subway for that matter where you fill in the feedback form, and also put in your number, let me tell you, people working there sell that data and that is how these agencies reach out to you. Where’s the privacy?”

Once upon a time crypto miner, whose interest deviated and culminated in the blockchain background, now feels that blockchain is the future of tomorrow.

The last, speaker closing the show was none other than Anirudh Rastogi, Managing Partner at TRA Law Firm, having several big cases on his desks related to cryptocurrency exchanges, one being Zebpay’s. Rastogi’s bold expertise in the key areas was the highlight. The one on one conducted by him was very helpful. Talking about Arun Jaitley calling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “not a legal tender in India”, he said, “ ‘Not legal’ should not translate into Illegal”

Talking about the news that GST may be imposed on cryptocurrency gains and transactions, Rastogi told,

“The person at the tax department has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies being legal or illegal in India. He simply will tax anything that will be considered as a gain and extra money”

However, in order to pass cryptocurrency regulations, Rastogi strongly feels that the government needs to have separate entities and not just the RBI which has lack of expertise over such digital assets to call them illegal.

Alluma’s first ever blockchain & crypto meetup was a great success – https://go.alluma.io/alluma-delhi-meet-up

Alluma’s next meetups will be held in Mumbai on July 14 and Bangalore on July 15, 2018.

Please register to reserve your place.

Mumbai: https://go.alluma.io/alluma-meet-up/mumbai
Bangalore: https://go.alluma.io/alluma-meet-up/bangalore
If you’re an industry expert and engaging speaker, you’re invited to use this submission form to nominate yourself :


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