Highlights of Coindesk’s Consensus 2018

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CoinDesk’s 4th annual blockchain technology summit, namely Consensus 2018 which was held from May 14-16, 2018 at the New York Hilton Midtown, saw 8000+ attendees. The topics discussed at the Consensus 2018 featured talks and exhibitions on everything cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the underlying blockchain, is this year the biggest yet and the first since Bitcoin’s price explosion last year that saw Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies skyrocket in price.

In fact, almost everyone from cryptocurrency space, from startups, to investors, and the established financial sector, were in New York for Consensus this week.

Consensus 2018, however did fail to deliver the Bitcoin price bump many had been waiting for, which everyone was expecting from one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin conferences.

Here’s a brief summary and Highlights of Consensus 2018

Consensus 2018: Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Wants One Native Currency

Jack Dorsey in a chat with Elizabeth Stark, the chief executive of Lightning Labs, told that he believes that the internet is going to have a native currency, hopefully Bitcoin. He said,

 “I’m just approaching with the principle that the Internet deserves a native currency. It will have a native currency. I don’t know if it will be Bitcoin.”

Dorsey’s other company, Square, let merchants accept bitcoin in 2014 for payment of goods, but abandoned that plan after few consumers used bitcoins for that reason.

Changing gears, Square in January launched a bitcoin buying and selling feature in its Cash app. Since then the payment company has rolled out additional features for its users, which now sees them able to buy, sell, and transfer Bitcoins with the app.

“Any payment that comes across our table, the seller should be able to accept,” Dorsey added.

Consensus 2018: HTC wants your phone to be powered by blockchain

Taiwanese consumer electronics company and Smartphone manufacturer HTC has announced its plans to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain industry by developing a new Android smartphone that will be powered by blockchain technology.

The company has unveiled its plan on launching a phone named HTC Exodus and it is described by the company as the “world’s first native blockchain phone”. 

 Phil Chen, a co-founder of HTC Vive said,

“The HTC Exodus is the first native blockchain phone dedicated to bringing end consumers the best decentralized application (DApp) experiences, including a built-in secure hardware enclave, and helping underlying protocols expand their base of dedicated nodes, thus expanding the total block chain ecosystem.”

Consensus 2018: Ethereum wants to make blockchain adoption easier

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a group of companies focused on improving the privacy, scalability and security of Ethereum blockchain applications. Formed in February 2017 by Santander, JP Morgan and a number of other founders, the organization has grown to over 500 members by 2018.

The Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack (EEAS) will serve as a guidepost for corporations, providing infrastructure tools and frameworks designed to empower the next generation of Enterprise Ethereum applications.

EEA executive director Ron Resnick said,

“The market wants competition. It wants multiple vendors of choice.”

Consensus 2018: Bitcoin bling

Crypto Jewelry, by showing off the diamond studded Bitcoin rings at Consensus 2018, turned many heads.

A Crypto Jewelry ring, listed on its website, is made with 18k gold and diamonds. It also is making a diamond encrusted Trezor Box, though it is not yet available. One other Crypto Jewelry ring is listed for an eye-watering $16,300.

Consensus 2018: Snoop closes the show

The very famous rapper Snoop Dogg, with fan following of several millions around the world was brought in to close the conference by Ripple Labs at a invitation-only after party. Snoop Dogg had once back said in 2013 that he would make his next record available in Bitcoin.

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