Hong Kong’s Bitcoin Millionaire Gets Arrested For Throwing Money From Rooftop

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Wong Ching-Kit, a millionaire and a notorious Chinese cryptocurrency figure have been arrested for throwing stacks of HK $100 from the rooftop of a building in one of Hong Kong’s poorest districts.

Ching took to his Facebook to announce his bizarre stunt, stating that money would soon be “falling from the sky.” Staying true to his words he took to the roof of Kowloon streets on Saturday and started dispensing cash. Naturally, the stunt caused a frenzy among the residents as they rushed to collect as many free bills as possible.

Though it is unclear, how much money was thrown, the South China Morning Post reported that Police was able to seize HK $6,000 ($770). Furthermore, the authorities confirmed that at least some of the bills are legitimate.

Ching, who run a quite dubious Facebook page is particularly focussed towards cryptocurrency investors and has often featured outlandish advertisements for various initial coin offerings and blockchain projects on his page. The aforementioned stunt is no different, planned as a part of the guerrilla marketing campaign for a new cryptocurrency.

In fact, the very next day, he reportedly has had planned to hand out meal coupons at a local restaurant. However, his current stunt did not go well with authorities and they swiftly apprehended Ching, when he was stepping out of a luxury car. At the time, the reason for the arrest wasn’t disclosed.

Chief inspector Kevin Chong Kiu-wai added that the stunt in likeliness would have involved more than one person, thus some more arrests might follow.  In addition, the police have warned the citizens who managed to collect some of the free loot, to return it. As for keeping that money would be considered as breaking the law.

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