Most unique solutions and innovations are inseparable part of our lifestyle. All of us are connected, to the technology like our lifeblood. We hardly notice the use of technology we make in our daily life, as we are accustomed to the speed, ease and accuracy latest inventions bring in.

Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things have changed the life at operational level and improved our life style as well as criteria of selection of each product and service. The businesses are equipped to be more competitive and are able to serve by making difference.

Blockchain is a reliable technology that records the information entered by authorized parties, the data processing happens in real-time and is accurate and updated at any given time. This open ledger is accessible to all the involved parties of business.

The Internet of things exchanges data to interact with the users through the software and applications installed on the machines.

These latest technologies used separately or at times combined for the extensive use in innovative solutions just as it has been able to serve the pet food industry.


Blockchain and IoT Tech Will Guarantee Pet Food Safety:

  1. Improved Processes:  Existing and newly introduced processes in the business, with intervention of technology we can manage efficiently. Applied to any department or role of organization, it will have greater impact on the competence. Companies introduce technology in production, supply chain, sales, or customer care.


  1. Better Selection: Product and services selection can be done with care and to match the needs/ preferences on brand, quality, pet food contents, expiry date, shelf life, how was it processed, who supplied the raw material, where was it cultivated. Sufficient and updated data can support in selection.


  1. Pet Food Quality: Health of pet is at stake hence pet owners consider the quality of pet food as important check point, technology based apps can check the food quality, contents, its freshness, packaging and storage methods used and whether it is good for your breed of dog or cat. Quality food helps in reducing the vet and medical expenses and allows the pet owners to be stress free while feeding their pets.


  1. Trustworthiness: The pet owners want to select brands that are consistently high rating provided by other pet lovers, whether the manufacturers follow the FDA standards, if the food good for the health of pets, do other pets like the food. Thus data updated using blockchain cannot be corrupted and is transmitted using IoT.


  1. Safe for Consumption: Food Safety is important for pet owners, with the willingness to spend money they expect standard food products that are safe for the pets. IoT transfers and makes available the data on the food quality, storage, packaging etc.


  1. Decision Making: The data displayed by blockchain are shared using IoT and the pet lovers can buy products and services by making proper decisions to suit the budget and pet’s health. E.g. just because the product is good you may not buy if your pet is allergic to its content, same brand’s other products or other brands products may be your choice in which technology helps you.


  1. Purpose of Technology:  It helps pet owners in focusing on pet preferences, whether the food can help avoiding illness, improving health etc. is achievable. The business houses can draw empowering data for valuable insights that can predict the product, find its performance, profits, and possible modification with the help of technology that indicates the trend.


  1. Increased Ease: Buyers, sellers, middlemen all have free access to check the status, position, or entry regarding the material. The reliability and assuredly they can rely on the product increases the sales. Brand building is a slow process and requires making things to be in place and work in favor of the product. The complex process to obtain the information on products kills the willingness of buyers hence the increase in ease impacts the decisions too.


  1. Time Bound Delivery: The pet food having limited shelf life has to be consumed by the pet before its expiry. Bacterial or fungal developments in the food can be harmful. The pet owners expect fresh food and quality food delivered in time, technology can bridge the gap of consumer expectations and the pet food industry’s reality. The products are been delivered in time due to issues in transit, delay in transit and other concerns of the consignment are taken care at managerial level with the help of Blockchain and IoT. Same technology helps send the alerts on delivery schedule and confirmation.


  1. Pet Food Wastage: Pet food waste processing is still a dream when human food waste is not completely and properly processed, into manure or used for biogas. Technology can highlight the issues like food expiry, food packet spillage, mishandled packet, storage concerns based on which the packs can be discarded or distributed to stray animals


  1. Query Resolution: In case of inquiry or scrutiny, we can provide sufficient details and proofs that can challenge the authorities if required. Detailed and real time reports help the companies to keep thorough check on the process and in return, it becomes the basis of evidence.


  1. Satisfied Customers: Overall, the customer’s satisfaction is what companies want, satisfied customers is a strong referral point. Technology the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain can help you to run the feedback and referral schemes, allow data storage and process it with minimum efforts.


The pet food industry could experience the newness with the touch of technology in every phase of product and service development and delivery. It increases the capacity by quality improvement, maintaining the food standards and introducing new techniques of pet food preservation, lessened delivery time.

Blockchain and IoT guarantee the pet food safety and encourage new businesses to adapt the advanced technology and flourish along happy customers to be their patronage.


About me:

Harsh Arora is a proud father of four rescued dogs and a leopard gecko. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and an educationist, with more than 6 years experience in the field of content writing.

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