How to earn Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin?

After reading and getting basic idea about crypto currency in our previous posts, you must be eagerly waiting to know how to get crypto currency or how to earn procure cryptocurrency. Well there are methods of earning digital currency which are explained below.

Getting your hands on cryptocurrency

CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin can be earned similarly as fiat currency is earned. Yes you have to WORK for it too!! Its not a magical coin that will be given to you by any internet genie.(If it does, its a scam!! Beware!!)

But one great news for our readers is ,apart from the traditional routes of earning money, crypto currency can also be earned through “Mining” as well.  We will discuss mining later below .

The following are the ways through which you can get Cryptocurrency

You can sell goods and services through marketplaces.

Yes,like the traditional way of earning money, crypto currency can also be earned by selling goods or services in return/exchange for crypto currency.

Search locally or on the internet to identify those market places which accepts crypto currency in form of payments near to you.

You can buy cryptocurrency through exchanges                                                                   

This is obviously the easiest way to get started, as all you need to do is choose among one of the many options available. Different exchanges for different crypto currency offers it in exchange of fiat currencies.

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 Finally, you can “Mine” 

In case of bitcoin, Mining is the process of verifying transactions and adding them to the public ledger or the block chain . You would need specialized hardware (ASIC miners, in particular, which are USB-powered devices that don’t do anything else) to do it for you. ” or simply join a mining pool. In addition, it’s the only way to introduce new bitcoins into the circulation, as miners are rewarded for every block of transactions they process.

Well, now we all know how to earn crypto currency. One more important piece of information that you must know is to where to store your crypto money or where to keep safe your digital currency and how to make transactions through crytpocurrency.

Click here to know, Where to store your Crypto Currency.

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