Travel the world and pay in Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital person-to-person crypto currency is not only and investment option which will fetch you huge returns, but it is a Currency first. And we should start using this currency for efficient payment systems.

Bitcoins acceptance as payments is very low as compared to any other fiat currency. Reason being, Bitcoin is in it’s recognition stage and need to be recognized as a global currency first in order to be used globally.

But there are some companies such as Microsoft, DELL, etc which are accepting Bitcoins in the form of payments.(Click here to view a list of companies accepting Bitcoins)

This article mentions those companies involved in travel sector who accepts Bitcoin as payment, in short How to travel using Bitcoins.

Travel by SEA

An online marketplace for luxury items, named allows a user to buy premium luxury items such as yachts, boats, supercars, etc by paying via Bitcoins. So if you think you can own a yacht and have a huge balance of Bitcoins in your wallet, visit

Also, a US based company name Denison Yacht Sales offers it’s cutomers to rent a yacht and travel across the sea and pay via Bitcoins.

Travel by AIR

Destinia, another online portal allows it’s customers to book flight tickets and pay in Bitcoins. Destinia started to accept bitcoin payments in 2014 and announced in September 2015 that its customers that pay in bitcoin spend on average more than customers paying with credit cards. Destinia also operates in Venezuela where it currently only accepts payments in bitcoin

Another online portal, CheapAir, a California based company also allows it’s udders to book flight tickets and pay in bitcoins. The company has processed over $15 million worth of bitcoin payments since accepting the Bitcoins as a payment option. The company started to accept bitcoin payments in November 2013

Similarly, websites such as AbitSky and BTCTrip offers it’s users to book flight tickets online and pay via Bitcoins.

Book a Hotel Room

Expedia allows US customers only to book a room through it’s website and pay the booking amount in Bitcoins. Expedia started to accept Bitcoins since June 2014.
Similarly, Destinia and CheapAir also allows it’s users to book a room and pay via Bitcoins.

Rent a Car

Local travel agents which offers Car renting facilities has started to accept payment in Bitcoins. A person need to search for the agent locally in his/her area.

CheapAir and Destinia also allows it’s users to rent a car and pay via Bitcoins.

Buy Equipments and Stuff an online portal in partnership with Amazon allows it’s users to buy equipments and other stuff and pay in Bitcoins. Not only this buy also offers good discount to it’s
A person need’s to just select the product and add to the Wishlist of Amazon. After this, the next step is to upload the desired item list to

A user can also purchase Bitcoin gift cards which can be used to buy products in places like Addidas stores, Burger King, Domino’, Dunkin Donuts, Nike stores, Starbucks,etc. The Bitcoin gift card can be purchased through


Last but certainly not the least Bitcoin ATM’s can be used in cases where only fiat currency is accepted. Thorugh Bitcoin ATM, a user can convert his BITCOINS to fiat currencies and spend it anywhere.
Also the user can covert his fiat currencies to Bitcoins. posts articles and latest updates about Bitcoins. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletters.

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