Hyperledger Introduces Hyperledger Aries, Blockchain Tool For Interoperability

Hyperledger introduces a set of tools dubbed as “Hyperledger Aries”, that is aimed at interoperability of different types of blockchain-based data, as an announcement made by the company in a blog post on May 14.

As per the post, Hyperledger Aries is a set of tools that will purportedly enable the exchange of blockchain-based data, support peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging and facilitates interactions between different blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies.

Hyperledger rolled out the project to provide code for P2P interaction and advance interoperability, among other objectives. The new project includes a blockchain interface layer, cryptographic wallet, encrypted messaging system, application programming interface-like use cases and other tools.

In February, Hyperledger collaboration’s member Intel launched a commercial blockchain package based on the Hyperledger ecosystem that is designed for businesses who want to launch their own blockchains. The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee approved the Ursa project last December.

The Ursa Project is a modular cryptography software library that is meant to avoid wasted work on duplicate projects. In part improving security through simplifying analysis and making it “less likely for less experienced people to create their own less secure implementations.”

During that same month, Hyperledger was joined by 12 new members, including Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of the eponymous e-commerce giant; financial services firm Citigroup, Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest telecoms providers in Europe; and European blockchain trading platform, among others.

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Image source – Hyperledger Twitter

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