Blockchain technology is garnering immense attention these days – from financial industries to copy machines and other sectors with a potential to adopt the technology. While industries are still working to adopt the distributed ledger technology, many IT and tech giants have already deployed blockchain to their IT infrastructure.  A recent survey “Blockchain Enterprise Survey” has revealed that IBM gains the top rank at deploying blockchain technology solutions.

Market research firm Juniper Research carried out the survey which included four hundred top-level executives. At the finishing line, the survey found IMB ahead of other industry giants like Microsoft and Accenture.

The survey also portrayed a bright future for the blockchain technology. 67% of those who responded stated that they have already made an investment of over $100,000 into the technology, and 97% said to spend at least that amount in 2017.

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Blockchain awareness and deployment

The survey report cleared that awareness around blockchain technology has increased dramatically in last 12 months, signifying a far greater adoption paradigm than what had been previously imagined. The survey said:

“It is clear that companies across the board have a significantly greater understanding of blockchain technology than was the case 12 months ago. This stems in part from a surge in R&D (research & development) both internally and in partnership with third parties, with a recognition that Blockchain has the potential to be deployed in a variety of use cases. As the number of research projects has increased so, too, has awareness, both amongst the participants and elsewhere in their industries, with competitor companies in turn beginning to consider whether they, too, should seek to gain competitive advantage from deployment.”

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