IBM Corporation, the multinational technology company based in New York, has made an official filing for a blockchain web browser, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The application, based on the publication on the USPTO’s official website, explains that the new web browser would gather data from internet sessions and keep a “record of browser events in a blockchain using a peer-to-peer network.”

The filing specifies that the data being stored on the blockchain could include browser cache, plugins and extensions, geolocation, application programming interfaces (API), browser tabs, cookies, browser version and also whether or not the browser is being accessed via mobile or web. The browser could also add the information to the blockchain in real-time.

Regardless of this, the browser will ensure security such that no part of the data being collected will ever be compromised. It notes that “each new block is encrypted using information in the previous block in the blockchain, thus ensuring the security of the blockchain.” It also adds that:

“The present invention affords a system for storing browsing information such that privacy is preserved and places privacy in the ‘hands of a user’ rather than a third party.”

IBM and Blockchain

The IBM corporation is very pro-blockchain and have several blockchain endeavours and partnerships.

About a week ago, IBM announced that it had partnered with Chainyard, a blockchain company, to create a new blockchain powered network to help improve supply chain management. The network is called Trust Your Supplier and it boasts of a few heavy-hitting founding members such as Cisco, Lenovo, Nokia, Schneider Electric, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline and Anheuser-Busch InBev.


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