In a recent  post from IBM, the technology giant has mentioned “The Three Key Elements of Blockchain” which proves that Blockchain can be the main focus or the key area in which organizations can work in future, specially technological firms.

IBM highlighted the following three characterstics of the Blockchain Technolgy

  • Value in the ecosystem as the Blockchain network grows
  • Blockchain’s ability to significantly improve visibility and trust across business.
  • Potential to transform trade, transactions and business processes

The posts also mentioned a quote on Blockchain which was “Speed, cost efficiency and transparency are among Blockchain’s most significant benefits in the enterprise and within ecosystems of companies conducting trade.

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IBM is actively involved in Blockchain projects and is collaborating with various international organizations to explore all possible areas where blockchaion technology can be used to improve the business.

IBM also collaborated with an Energy Lab based in China to develop a platform based on proof-of-concept and integrate blockchain  into it to control the air pollution  in China.

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