Latest ICO: ShowHand, Fair And Decentralized Entertainment Ecosystem

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ShowHand Project :The Latest ICO

ShowHand is created to transform the current state of entertainment ecosystem. ShowHand utilise a fast, secure and transparent blockchain payment solution, Token (HAND).

This has huge implications for the future of entertainment industry. Players no longer need to worry about shady third-party payment intermediaries.

ShowHand is called a ‘certified fair’ decentralized gaming platform. Anyone from any corner of the world can create games and submit it to the ShowHand team. However, the ShowHand team shall release games to the public only once they qualify as per our rigorous community review. This ensures a much needed “rigged-free” gaming experience.

Also, anyone can participate in these games.

In simpler words, ShowHand utilises a cryptographic token that allows payments to transfer freely between the game and its players as well as from one player to another player (P2P). Hence, Showhand prooves to be a decentralized gaming platform built for players by players.

Imagine a customer walking into the games club with ShowHand, the mobile Dapp. He or she now has the ability to join the game almost instantly by waving his or her phone in front of the scanner and placing bets with HAND tokens. Not only do players not have to wait in long queues to exchange fiat money for chips but with our online platform they are also exempted from paying outrageous withdrawal fees (2-8%) on winnings. Players can now truly enjoy the game without worrying about chips/winnings getting lost or stolen.

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There are six key advantages of using ShowHand (HAND).

Key benefits of using ShowHand Token

  1. A faster and safer choice as compared to FIAT currency.
  2. No international currency conversion hassle, no higher limit placed on the amount of transactions.
  3. No requirement to rely on third party payment intermediaries.
  4. No withdrawal fees (unlike in conventional payment withdrawal).
  5. Easy conversion to other ECR-20 standard tokens.
  6. Transparent transactions that can be audited any time.

ShowHand Business Model

There are no doubts that not only is the entertainment industry evolving at a very fast pace but it is also a highly competitive marketplace.  However, Showhand is not just another number in the game. While other projects have focused solely on creating entirely new user bases to play on mobile apps, Showhand bring a rather exciting market to the picture- existing, cash flow positive, land-based casinos.

ShowHand Team

The rule of thumb for evaluating any blockchain project is to not only consider the project idea but also the people working behind it. The ShowHand team has a praiseworthy record of leading cryptographic tokens to high adoption rates in Asia.

As of now Showhand has a small team, but is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Most importantly, the Showhand team is highly dedicated and committed to this project. The investors ay ShowHand project possess great knowledge about the growing field of blockchain business and are connected very well to the Asian crpto community network.

All these factors lead to the inevitable conclusion: ShowHand holds the key to being the strongest player in the future of decentralized entertainment ecosystem.






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