India Blockchain Week 2017- Who Should Attend?

India Blockchain Week 2017, a Five-day International Blockchain event which is being organized in Mumbai from 22 September to discuss various opportunities related to Blockchain Technology.

The India Blockchain Week 2017, or IBW, will take place in Two segments:

First, a Three-Day “Hack-the-Block” hackathon that will revolve around solving real-life problems using Blockchain technology. Barclay’s accelerator, Rise Mumbai, will be hosting this Hackathon and playing an important role in setting the problem statements and judging/evaluating the entries.

Second, the Blockchain Conference with an agenda to discuss the potential of Blockchain Technology in Various sectors.

India Blockchain Week is being organized to bring the Best minds of the world on a single platform to foster the Blockchain Community in India.

Who Should Attend India Blockchain Week 2017 ?

If you belong or work in the following mentioned categories, India Blockhain Week is a must for you to attend.








-> Supply Chain Sector, etc.

Financial Sector was the first industry to adopt Blockhain Technology with it’s most famous application, i.e., Bitcoin, world first decentralized cryptocurrency. Apart from financial sector, Blockchain Technology has a lot of potential in Banking, insurance, Healthcare, Supply-Chain, Manufacturing and more sectors. To read some of the use cases of Blcokchain Technology in the mentioned sectors, visit our “BLOCKCHAIN” section.

You want to launch your Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

ICO’s are the new and modern way of fundraising. Gone are those days when a startup used to pitch in front of selected group of VC’s.  ICO’s allows startups to showcase their work globally and raise funds in a crowdsale. India Blockchain Week is expected to have over 1000 attendees over the week. A good platform to showcase your work and probably get noticed by investors and HNI’s attending the event.

You are part of a consulting firm  

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology are of extreme strategic importance for top consulting firms throughout the world. India Blockchain Week has a strong focus on Blockchain applications in real word scenarios.

If you want to learn about Cryptocurrency Trading

Nowadays Fund/Portfolio managers are keeping a close eye on cryptocurrencies. Any why not, if cryptocurrencies have the potential to give returns in Four digit percentages. Yes you got that right. Cryptocurrencies in the past have given return of more than 1000%.
So if you also want to learn how does the price of a cyrptocurrency change? What factors should you consider while investing/trading in a particular currency and various other factors, attend the India Blockhain Week

If you are a Blockhain enthusiast and want to learn more about this revolutionary technology.

India Blockchain Week is the 16th edition of the International Blockchain Conference. Past editions have been held in London, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong among others. Some of the top minds around the world, working in the Blockchain space are attending the conference as speakers. All of this again makes it a must attend. is proud to be the official media partner for the event. To get more latest updates about the conference, subscribe to our newsletters.

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