Kerala to launch it’s own Blockchain Acadmey

 India will open it’s 2nd Blockchain Institute at Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala (IIITM-K) in collaboration with Blockchain Education Network(BEN). The focus area of this acadmy will be on research, innovation and consulting with top most priority on exploring the adaptability of Blockchain in Banking, Healthcare and Governance.

According to news reports, this collaboration was announced by Dr Rajasree M S at Blockchain conference held at Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Dr Dilip Krishnaswamy, senior research scientist for IBM Research Labs, and Michael Gord of the BEN, also participated in the conference via video conferencing and spoke about the benefits of using blockchain..

Blockchain gaining so much popularity worldwide, specially in developing countries, it has a huge scope of being a part of academics in major institutes.

Before Kerala, the first Blockchain Institute was set up by Primechain Technologies Private Limited in Baner, near Mumbai offering learning courses for developers interested in blockchain development as well as for the tech-savvy people who wish to explore the blockchain world.

India is definitely looking up for blockchain technology, but when it comes to Bitcoin, the first product based upon the Blockchain technology, Indian Authorities are still silent. It lack’s being regularized by any central authority thus giving speculation opportunities for speculators in country.

Post demonetization, Bitcoin gained momentum and it’s price surged on Indian trading platforms due to high demand. Several people started using Bitcoin as it is the biggest digital currency. People in India are in favor of Bitcoin and only time will tell it’s fate in the country.

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