Starups in India Building Blockchain Products

Blockchain, the next generation of Internet , is creating a buzz almost everywhere. Blockchain is the underlying technology used to create Bitcoin, world’s first decentralized digital crypto currency and is gaining interest in almost every sector.

Apart from being used in currencies, blockchain is also under consideration from key players in Banking, Financial, Real Estate sectors. Recently, State Bank of India(SBI) in collaboration with other banks  announced a key technology to be used known as “BANK-CHAIN” to enhance banking activities. Bank-Chain is also a product of Blockchain Technology.(click here to read more about Bank-Chain)

IBM and Mahindra also collaborated to develop a system based on Blockchain technology to improve and upgrade Supply ChainFinance.

Apart from big names, Blockchain is also being loved by Indian Startups. Following are some of the startups working on Blockchain Technology:


Auxesis is a technical innovative company with it’s registered office in Patna,Bihar and branches in Mumbai and London. Auxesis focuses on providing technical assistance to businesses working in Fin-Tech sectors. According to Auxesis “ From wallets to Exchanges, Fundraisers to Gametokens, Smart Contracts to insurance settlement claims. We can help you with your next big idea in  Fintech ”

Auxesis is constantly experimenting in collaboration with Blockchain Lab, London to find better use cases for other industries. Their current initiative includes Banking, Remittance, Insurance, Event and Ticketing industry while Pharmaceuticals, Luxury goods, Gambling are under consideration


CoinSecure a product by Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt Ltd  based in New Delhi, India established in June 2014, is an online mobile app exchange for buying/selling and trading of Bitcoins. Coinsecure believes in “Connecting India to Bitcoin” by offering its Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin wallets and merchant gateway services .

Ezy Remit

Ezy Remit as the name suggests is a remittance platform based upon Blockchain technology focusing on Banking and Payment industry along with it’s other products such as EzyHedge and EzyRemit B2B

Ezy Remit is basically integrating technology into payments and banking sectors with focus on remittance


According to the company’s website,” HashCove is a Blockchain Products Company that helps evaluate, validate, design and create end to end solutions in Blockchain.

Hashcove currently offers three products which uses blockchain technology.

Uclear, blockchain based product which offers clearing and settlement solutions

KYChain,a mobile app and web based platform for users to upload and safely share their KYC with the required institutions.

HashDegree,offering degrees and other certificates by institutions on blockchain as well as in print format.


KrypC, by Krypc Technologies Pvt Ltd based in Bangalore,  is a FinTech solution and service provider focusing on bringing innovative solutions in the field of Blockchain.

By partnering up with companies such as Ethereum and IBM, KrypC is ready to take blockchain based solutions to next level.

MindDeft Technologies

Minddeft Technologies, based in Ahemdabad,Gujrat with other offices in UKand USA is an IT solutions company provind its technical assistance to its client who wants to build products based on Blockchain Technology.


Trestor is a blockchain company based in Chandigarh which have launched it’s own decentralized peer-to-peer digital crypto currency , just like bitcoins.

Trestor Foundation, a non-profit private organisation enables digital money along with a complete new payment and market system. Trestor aims to help under-developed and developing countries uplift their economies.

With the fate of Bitcoin in India still unknown , lets hope for the best for this Indian Crypto Currency.

KryptoMoney will soon publish a detailed report on Trestor soon.

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