IOST Reports More Transactions Than Ethereum In Just 1 Month Of Its Mainnet Launch

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News, Press Release

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In just one month of its launch, IOST, an “application-friendly next-generation public blockchain network,” has reportedly processed more transactions than Ethereum (ETH) on 6 April, as per a press release shared by the IOST network.

IOST is touted to be the first platform to launch an “application-ready mainnet” featuring “multiple live” decentralized applications (dApps). In just weeks since its launch, the IOST mainnet has received much traction and has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of developers, partners, and users.

A proof of its emergence is that the IOST network processing 580,231 transactions on 6 April, while the world’s largest blockchain-based platform for deploying decentralized applications (dApps), Ethereum processed 558,272 transactions on the same day.

Other Feats 

Apart from the feat of surpassing Ethereum in terms of the transaction, the IOST network has achieved quite a few milestones, which reportedly are: –

  •  213,872 live accounts have been registered on its network and an average of 15,000 wallets are added per day
  • The network has launched 9 DApps, which includes a USD-pegged Stablecoin and 6 games. One of the said games managed to hit 700 million IOST.
  • IOST got listed and traded on 26 exchanges;
  • The network has already processed more than 25 million transactions, including the aforementioned peak of 580,231 transactions per day;
  • Over 100 partners and developers have joined the network and are aiding in building the IOST ecosystem, “all partners totaling to more than 200 today.”

Notably, these figures illustrated a rate of growth that outleaps the growth rate of even the lead blockchain projects during their initial months post-mainnet.

Just this week, IOST’s management team partnered with Ehang, a Chinese developer of autonomous or self-driving vehicles. The collaboration will see the development of a “flight data analytics” software platform for the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Blockchain technology has been implemented to construct the project’s software modules as they are required to provide “secure and reliable data” and also to “prevent tampering by third parties.”

The release further notes that IOST is targetted to allow  “decentralized application developers [to] overcome some of the most challenging problems with mass adoption.”

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Image Source – IOST Medium

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